Elon musk's transgender daughter wants to change her identity.


  1. Imagine being the daughter of one of the richest man alive and not wanting to be his daughter anymore? Hey Elon you can adopt me Haha I got zaddy issues I mean daddy issues lmao

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 like a child would say that and then ya'll turn around and put Elon Musk's Daughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😂

  3. Guess we all have our own definition of what successful is, but if your kids don't want to be associated with you maybe time for some soul searching.

  4. What a surprise an elitist telling us their child is transgendered. Love Jon Humanity, very educational. it’s been happening for decades. Just look at Hollywood.

  5. To be fair people who have certain disabilities like elon does that stuff can't be changed his mind works differently and that's kinda wack his daughter said that me personally I have a disassociate disability and people seem to think I'm just being a dick when sometimes it feels like I leave my body and aren't in the room I never understood why it just happens watch the kid actually get there wish then end up broke cause they have no support

  6. History shows that father's provide, have taken the call of duty & the family survived. Some fathers did not come home. Musk is a high profile person…media will watch & report every move. Let's get our heads out of his petsonal business!

  7. Elon Musk,
    Let not the game of the world distract you.
    No matter what she says, she's a child, may be in a contaminated environment.
    Your job is to continue loving her.
    Being there for her and always offer help.
    Blame, no one, just let go and forgive.

    The only way you succeed in your personal and professional life. God bless.
    Let God guide you. Love you

  8. Same pattern across generations. Elon Musk said the same about his toxic father. Their relationship is extremely strained even today (if at all there's any relation)

  9. The Jolie/Pitt have handled that phase in their little girl’s life very well. They should write a book on the subject. Now the child has blossomed into a beautiful girl and enjoying her femininity.
    Who hauls their child into court?

  10. I know he works hard but just think how much greater his relationships with his children would be if he had more time for them. I hope they can turn this around and have a good strong relationships in the future. I wish them well.

  11. Its funny people blame elon for working alot . Hes making a fortune for his family. No kid with a parent in the military who is away alot for work would ever say this. Just wrong kid sounds like a brat like get real.

  12. Well we have all felt like that at that age, never had the money to divorce them or live anywhere else. Hahah kids today tantrums if true occurs lol! You know the media and government hate him.

  13. Parents should wait until the child is 18 to make such important decision or changes. Respect n love them n support them no matter what the outcome.

  14. Listen these spoiled brats need to be grateful they have a dad who disciplined enough & a fucking genius who secured their future & children’s children’s future. Time or money you can’t have both & im sure he tried his best. I can’t stand children or women who put down a man for working hard that’s what a real man suppose to do. She failed those kids by not doting & praising that man for his achievements & most likely projected her feeling onto them. Back then men worked all day we didn’t have machines, car etc this entitled generation is filled with a bunch of pussies, cry babies, everyone gets a trophy complaining as she/he/they bafoonary 🤡 🎪 freak show 😢 not my circus 🎪 not my monkeys 🐒 great job Elon may you continue to do great things & be great 👍

  15. When I was a kid, I was told money could buy happiness.
    I don't think so.
    It can't buy love.
    Advice to musk.. stop flaunting your money and spend time withe the family.

  16. ppls hearts better get right w the 1 above and start reading bib le.
    thsts only way to get on track w G. od

  17. je sus on earth at time of Roman rule & same type of gvt w thumb on ppl's lives. the world in violence, hate, false fake go ds. turn to the1 true G.od above for peace and get ur country back.
    Rome crumbled.

  18. Yeah, so Elon isn’t father of the year. I would love to say I’m shocked but that would be a lie. Money can do a lot, a whole lot, but it can’t make you a good dad. Usually reading stories and showing up at school plays and sneaking McDonalds on the way home and not telling mom – that’s the stuff good dads are made of.

  19. Quite frankly, I don’t blame his daughter at all. Elon “screams” selfish asshole to me.

  20. YOU ARE damned if you do damned if you don't!! Ungrateful children will never be satisfied ! I grew up in poverty with an uncaring cold unloving mother and an absent father who lived with us a couple of months each year and hardly spoke to me and beat me because of his fanatical religious beliefs!! Guess what!! I as an adult love them regardless !! I gave my kids everything I never had and all I they ever wanted , they got from me & their father! We worked hard to provide for them, a life of luxury that we could only wish for as kids growing up! The reward we reaped were UNGRATEFUL , SELFISH, SELF SERVING, UNCARING ADULTS!!!! SHAME ON THEM ! NOT US!!