Elon Musk and Pharrell Williams Collaboration

What would a collaboration between Elon Musk and Pharrell Williams look like? DJ EFN asks Pharrell during his and N.O.R.E.’s recent Drink Champs sit down with him. #drinkchamps #elonmusk #tesla #spacex #crazyhood

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  1. if elon thinks about it or not… the seed has been planted… think for yourself 🙂
    we can all be problem solvers if we so choose 🙂
    our minds are capable of so much more then what they want us to know.

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  3. You solve that you need to have been one.. I was can admit it and artists, musicians ect respect me even more for admitted it. I'm involved in so much… I can help if you truly want change but most just talk a good game.