Amber RAGES On Elon Musk For Installing SPY Gear In Her Tesla!

Amber RAGES On Elon Musk For Installing SPY Gear In Her Tesla!
Elon Musk has shown Amber who the boss truly is by installing a spy gear in her Tesla car and trust me, Amber is furious!
Stick with us to find out how.

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  1. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay by spending like the rich yet not imvesting like the rich

  2. Do you blame him for bugging her vehicle? I mean when you get into bed with someone as manipulating as AH?

  3. Amber just like her last name, wants to be "Heard" …I made a video on her on my channel, it was so shockin doin the research for it…

  4. considering what Heard did to Johnny and the fact that she is a violent and psychotic if I was Musk I would bug the cars she wanted from him to make sure the crazy god digging bitch isn't planning anything for him as well.

  5. Personally
    We all know she's got something on Musk.
    He was probably trying to level the playing field.

  6. I certainly wish reporters would STOP accusing Elon and move on. I’m personally not fond of the guy, but totally in his corner when it comes to Heard! When will you learn you cannot believe a word out of AH’s mouth. Like Johnny said, “ were you there?” Have you seen the bug or interviewed the mechanic or person who found it? In real life she must have given him reason to plant a bug, if he did. This is another of Amber’s scams even if true to get back at him for one reason or another. And your making issue of it is obviously for the hits and to make money. Please stop making everyone else out to be the bad guy. It’s all Amber. She’s fruitier than a fruit cake, bats in the belfry, insane, mentally ill, a sociopath, vicious, mean Spirited, self-serving, wicked, evil and shouldn’t be supported in her attempts to take down and ruin another lover! Wake the heck up!!!

  7. MyGod! I certainly hope that Depp was only in touch with Heard I trying to resolve the divorce stuff and NOT because he wanted to get back with her! I would lose total respect for him if he had bought into her lies of loving him. She broke their vows two months after the marriage when he was out of town and plotted the entire time to scam him for money with her diabolical plan. Even early on when dating him she told her friend she was dating an old man. She plotted for his money from the get go! And for Elon, he knew she didn’t love Johnny and was dating her while she was still married to Depp semi secretly in his own penthouse. I’m sure they roughed each other up and he got the worst of it too. He probably was aware of p part of her craziness and plots against Johnny so bugged the car(s) to try to keep himself out of harms way. Who in their right mind would fault Elon for this? And especially when there were embryos or talk of creating them involved. A bug gets better results than a PI following her.

  8. Pigs. Both Elon and amber. Idgaf how much money Elon has.. he still shows his true colors ..ewww