Elon Musk Interview: The Truth Behind the Scenes

My guest is is the Founder and President of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley John who had a pleasure of interviewing Elon Musk very recently. We’ll talk about what happened behind the scenes and I’ll ask John about the questions and answers, plus why Elon does not allow critics interview him. And of course questions from you, the live audience!


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  1. Alex not being an Elon fanboy is the main reason I listen to him.
    He didn't drink the kool-aid.

  2. Alex is so much smarter then Elon,because Musk built his Giga factory in Texas.
    I forget Alex where is YOUR giga factory?
    Oh that's right you don't have one, you beg for super chats for a living.
    That will save the planet.

  3. Alex, I think you bring up some important points, and I appreciate your integrity and general fairness in reporting EV news. However, I think you over obsess over Elon. Elon, like many the transformational leaders (let’s agree that transformation/innovation is disruptive), like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bozos and others, are essentially flawed people who have plenty of issues to point out. Some of things that Elon says, and more importantly does, defy reason and appear to go against his stated vision. Take for instance the Twitter debacle. I see this as a huge distraction and seems to work against the overall Tesla mission. In the end, I wouldn’t say I’m always pleased with Elon the persona, but Elon the transformative leader, that’s a different story. Who’s better at this than Elon??

  4. You may have forgotten that prior to the Pedo comment, the person who received it told Elon, in the most direct way possible, to put his submarine offer somewhere where the sun don't shine. As far as Rivian & Lucid go, you also seem to be on the outs with them. Are you criticizing yourself as well for your negative attitude? 😉

  5. Felt like a relatively personal interview, but it was still interesting. I suppose Elon simply prefers to preselect his interviewers, rather than the interview questions, and his past is probably an important factor here why he prefers more agreeable people. In terms of whats best for the company, this is, perhaps, not ideal, but as many others pointed out: He is still a person, and I also believe it is not particularly useful to care too much about his personal idiosyncrasies. Unfair criticism of his competitors, by comparison, is perhaps more important, and I think that's one of the reasons why channels like this one are important.

  6. WTF, John gets granted an interview, he flighs there, was recognised, no kidding he would've been recorded while being a crash dummy for FSD beta testing, & welcomed into the arse-end of the factory.
    John & crew get ushered to the conference room. They settle down to drink "Smart" water while Elon starts talking F'n CHOCOLATE? You'd have to be impressed. 😉
    Oh man, I don't think I sit through this crap.

  7. If i ever could talk to Elon face to face, my only conversation would be how much crack he is smoking believing tesla FSD will be level 4 within a decade nonetheless 4 years ago. People are paying for FSD and their cars will fall apart before that actually happens. I understand someone has to pay for his twitter habit but tesla is 100% scamming people on FSD. I love my Tesla Model S Raven, but am completely disappointed in FSD after paying the low low price of $5k for it. After driving beta for 8 months, I realize my 3+ year old car will never be FSD in it’s lifetime. It’s maybe 1% complete for level 4 autonomy.

  8. Rivian and Lucid are going bankrupt so is Ford and GM. Elon told the truth. People can comment on it all day long, nothing changes.

  9. Any one out there putting up all the hate needs to get over it! This is one of the problems in our society today! My Tesla is the be st thing I’ve ever owned, but I’m going to say get a life if you are waisting time hating Edith one of these guys! John arranged one of the best Elon interviews ever, and Alex inspires people to buy electric cars twice a week! Just be happy! 😃😉😎

  10. SpaceX is still based in Hawthorne, CA, Boring Co is also based in Hawthorne, CA & Nuralink is based in the Seatle area.

  11. Again, he could have put the factory in NC and had all the pros of TX, but none of the BS!!! The main reason he went to TX was because StarShip development in Boca Chia, TX1

  12. All the people hating on Alex seem to somehow miss the fact this very good conversation is going on! I love Elon and his mission, but he is far from perfect because he is human. He should have come to NC where he could have still built the factory in 18n months, but have been in a state that respects his business not using traditional dealerships!

  13. Good comment the downwardmachine! I was surprised too by the complaints about Alameda CO, but it is what it is with China!

  14. Alex I have been watching a lot of ev channels for a long time, and you are the best I have found hands down, and absolutely THE most balanced and fair across the board. Keep up the great work and sticking to prncipals that it really is sad that they are so rarely found in media ❤️

  15. Criticism constructively is always good. There is a way we find to chip away at people. If I can get you to agree and a small thing I am almost there on the big thing. Let me ask you a simple question if we’re all in it together Kumbaya are the patents open at Rivian are the patents open at lucid they are at Tesla Kumbaya. Elon has certain goals if they’re not accomplished in his opinion bad things will happen so I hope he keeps the goals in focus above all.

  16. Pedo Guy started the mud throwing Alex….surely you know that? Funny how you seem to forget that.

  17. the guy is ford and edison put together . if you dont have some respect for him you just not watching.

  18. Hey Alex.. I just want to tell you that the pink watch you are wearing is.. to say the VERY LEAST… Untastefull. I would say a disgrace. Nobody is going to give you an interview wearing that thing.

  19. Asking consistently dumb questions will get you blocked in my view. Building Tesla's in Texas has zero to do with selling them. The purpose of the factory is to produce and fast, whether they sell them in Texas or not. It's a masterstroke of showing no grudges to get the job done. Frankly had you asked him that question I could imagine he would get upset by the stupidity of it. It's what a child would ask.

  20. I use my mobile phone and I use my Apple TV to view YouTube
    When you use these methods of viewing YouTube this was definitely looking like "superb clickbait" . Regardless of my level of education. Are you offended that I commented when you had an interview on someone else's channel and you complain that Sandy Munro is nice to his sponsors and I pointed out that lots of EV Youtubers complain about Electrify America but Alex is nice about them.

  21. Good video thanks I enjoy your content. Musk comes across as a bit spoilt and finds it difficult to accept criticism of his actions and certain comments. He was brought up in a very wealthy family and enjoyed considerable privilege. I feel he thinks that gives him license to say and act outside expected norms even if it offends or even damages reputations or worse.
    I'm sure you are aware of the things I'm alluding to so I won't mention them here.
    His scheme to colonise Mars is I must say a bit bizarre as I don't know what he hopes to achieve, it's certainly not going to save the human race. As we could learn as much by colonising the Moon.