Elon Musk's Alleged Mistress Breaks Her Silence | The TMZ Podcast

Britney Spears’ attorney files new documents in the ongoing legal battle against Jamie Spears and says Britney will not sit for a deposition. Jerry Jones issues an apology statement after he used a derogatory term at the Cowboy’s training camp. Elon Musk’s alleged mistress and her lawyer say the affair story is “an outright lie” and “also defamatory.”

00:00 Will Britney Spears sit for deposition?
09:45 Jerry Jones apologizes for derogatory comment
13:35 Elon Musk and his alleged mistress respond to affair claims



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  1. Jaime is a disgusting excuse of a parent. He literally caused, Britney Spears, his own blood, more pain and suffering.

  2. Given Harvey was basically Jamie Spears PR throughout the conservatorship and the fact that he used to talk about how profitable it was for his business to harass Britney when his paps stalked her all those years it makes sense that he doesn’t care about her trauma

  3. In order for the lawsuit to be defamatory, the plaintiff needs to present the actual & quantifiable damage besides her feelings hurt. Did she lose any presumed contract as JD did with his movie deals ?

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  6. Watch this show five years ago how many offensive things were on it tons. You are all full of shit.

  7. What the name of the host? i want to ask him why is he always wearing tight black shirts!

  8. Wait a minute… arent you suppose to be married in order to have a misstress?

  9. All I see is Elon is working with the WSJ to overturn the JD verdict and/or challenge it. First he’s buying twitter during the trial and now has a feature the in the WSJ like JD.

    And Harpo no one knows who that woman is but the folks in her circle and adjacent circle.

  10. Britney was about to die? According to who? Her father? Not a credible source! Did y’all not read the recent court documents where they plotted the timing of starting the conservatorship so the right judge would hear their case? They wanted the one that would allow them to medicate Britney on lithium. They weren’t saving her life, they were enslaving her.

  11. Really folks, with all the crap that's going on only in the U.S. alone this is Nothing ! Why do people find this kind of stuff important. It's pretty simple too. She was abused by her father in a crazy bad way but now she is free of him . Let it go. She is an adult let her be. She should take some kind of classes on living life or something. But this is so unimportant in the big picture.

  12. Elon is single! Leave the man alone!. Any woman who decides to screw him is gonna eat breakfast last last (on your own)😂