Attwood Unleashed 69: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, John McAfee & CIA

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  1. Gross looking how the far right reacts to everything they don't want to hear, they scream and shout that they will unsubscribe like little babies, so embarrassing and pathetic.

  2. Well done Shaun, very happy for you. A
    Brilliant bloke who’s provided an alternative outlet, information and content to that of the mainstream. I can’t say that I watch all of the videos, but the ones that I do watch are both interesting and compelling. Big respect to you and your team. Don’t ever stop!

  3. Getting vegans to design your fake meat is a very bad idea. AGold clearly has an agenda for getting his little vegan guest on the program.
    Andrew Gold you are literally longing and craving real meat you just don't realise it but your body is screaming out for meat. You are an OMNIVORE that's why. You need to be very careful eating all that fake food. You should look into the issue very carefully before you go around pushing it on others. Your not as good at hiding your real feelings as you think.
    You heard it for yourself, you asked if there is an agenda behind Bill Gates and rest. He said yes they are wanting to have the whole planet eating vegan, that's an agenda!
    So then you say oh it just an opinion? yes it's only an opinion if they didn't have an actual agenda to force us all to eat fake meat! That's passive aggressive and hypocritical.
    Our health is the single most important thing we have. Food freedom is VITAL. This is a human rights issue as far as I'm concerned..
    Norman is a great guest 👍

  4. BILL GATES IS A CLIMATE EXTREEMIST. A GLOBALIST WHO WANTS TO REDUCE THE POPULATION DOWN TO A BILLION. If you read AGENDA 21 renamed The Great Reset – a roadmap for the globalists agenda and all governments signed up for about 10yrs ago, without your knowledge of course, but it's out there to read if anyone can be bothered, it's quite a long read. Some have read it and scrutanised it and it has everything from planning pandemics to any means available to reduce the human population to ONE BILLION PEOPLE. Think about how many that really is and how many will need to go. Who is waiting for your turn. Most of us are literally lamds to the slaughter. Those who rebel have the strongest chance of survival. The human beings are the most important thing to protect. To cull the human race as though we are nothing sacred to protect is the same as mass murder and if you think Bill Gates is a hero for having a vaccine company then I'm sorry but your probebly too far gone with your brainwashing to wake up to this realization.

    The older population will be first to be culled. Pandemics and the so called solution vaccines are all designed to kill us off. Bit by bit with fear based programs all designed to keep us in a state of fear so that you will obey anything and everything they have planned. Stay stronger than the machine. Take care of your own health with healthy food and exercise made to keep your body and mind strong not feeble and on medications made by big phama for big profits only 💪 please put Shaun back in control of the programing.

  5. Andrew Gold, NO, eating meat might be identity to some but are you not aware of the fact that humans are actually omnivores not herbavors so if my identity is human you got that right! I heard you say, I've been eating impossible burgers, beyond Meat ect then you actually asked WHAT'S IN IT?? So your craming your body with a food you don't have any idea of how it's made? Well you won't hear this from those promoting it, it's extremely highly processed and if you don't care about what you eat you would never eat processed food let alone the highly processed like
    Bill Gates fake food. 🤣 Honestly when you say I can't imagine putting a dead body in my mouth it reminds me of my crazy sister who likes to shame people by asking people if they would eat their own pets?? You vegans are not even rational. Why don't you ask all the starving Indians if eating a cow is worse than letting a whole nation suffer from starvation? None of you vegans ever wonder why humans don't have a fermentation sac in our gut which is specifically for high fibre plant based diets. You don't know this yet but you will not live to a long life unless you keep up your skelital muscle up to optimin levels. Your listening to a lot of bullshit and I'm going to leave this show if this keeps getting traction. I'm seriously questioning your intelligence and the intelligence of the show if you keep this crap up. Most people get healthier when they are out of their 20s eating crap and not sleeping!! Can't believe you took that as a sign he is healthy? 🤣 He hasn't heard of regenerative agriculture? You know that simple practice of reguvinating land, over and over again, we can NEVER run out of land! You should all get an education and listen to a man who is an actual expert on this topic, his name is Alan Savory. Look him up he will tell you the truth about how we are using our land right now. We have very very poor land management and that's the first place we should be looking to correct. Not all this glossy new fads with catch phrases and ridiculous solutions that are going to lead to a less thriving world. And a far less healthy humanity. People do not need to eat factory farmed meat, we have plenty of land to produce grass fed healthy animals who are looked after well. No need for animal cruelty. Please keep Bill Gates lovers off this channel or the channel will die. Trust me Shaun's audience don't want or need this rubbish shoved down our throats. We are going to hear enough on our TV and mainstream media outlets soon enough. Watching a podcast like Shaun's is an escape more than anything.

  6. Congratulations and it's great to have your relaxed and humble and empathetic talks back Shaun, Great show.

  7. Shaun you’re okay but Andrew you don’t have to be so prejudice Meghan married who she wanted to and Harry married who he wanted us Americans have her back. Get over yourself!

  8. if its of help his body may be gone but he's free er more then ever bc we are spiritual biengs having our experiences he lived is alive as spirit and will live on and we are all this way here going to school we never die only grow in love compassion honor and equity we have lives so we can grow as more intelligent biengs this is tuth with loveand much love

  9. He'll of a job you've done and glad your still on here pushing out eye opening content! 👏 👏 👏
    When will we get to see the black book of epstein co-pedos?

  10. UK's not going to stop selling meet since their biggest export these f**** people make me laugh trying to control what you eat I tell you what you should do you stop making them chemtrails in the sky destroying the farms

  11. All this talk about abortions stop sleeping around basically stop opening your legs practice safe sex bestway

  12. Gender is a man and a woman and then got a to z in binaries which range from 99 /0 why anybody would want to pick that I don't know I class myself as the talking donkey


  14. You are all getting it wrong the US didn't make sure Lanka collapse it was China that made it collapse with the they put them into that much debt had to Andover the port for 99 years stop blaming America doesn't need to do this s*** anymore they've done enough but I suppose always the body when really they are trying to good