NEW DETAILS: Elon Musk Gets SUED For Billions Because Of Amber!

NEW DETAILS: Elon Musk LOSES Billions Because Of Amber Heard!
What!! Elon conveniently walks out from the twitter deal after Heard’s trial. Billionaire Elon Musk ended his 44 billion USD deal to buy Twitter as his lawyer sent a letter to the chief legal officer of Twitter on his behalf.

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  1. I am grateful to come across you #DRUROKO, I am now free after I used the medicine you sent to me, having genital herpes almost ruined my life but now I am happy today.🌴

  2. I am grateful to come across you #DRUROKO, I am now free after I used the medicine you sent to me, having genital herpes almost ruined my life but now I am happy today.🌴

  3. Has he tested himself to see if the baby that woman has is really Elon's or does he know for a fact that it's his? She is the liar of the decade so I wouldn't trust her.

  4. I don't have Twitter don't want it either that's where all this drama is I rather stay out of it what's with all these celebrities I don't care about Hollywood people

  5. One thing about all this, Amber was able to fool (two at least) very wealthy men and make their lives miserable.

  6. i believe she has dirt on elon and she is blackmailing him that if he don’t pay up she will reveal everything, that’s how that evil narcissist works

  7. Karma is a boomerang. Boom boom boomerang Elton. Boom boom boomerang Amber, now let's all TikTok along.

  8. I'm sure his lawyers had atleast a 30 day I can change my mind wrote in there somewhere or possibly he wants a loss to balance out taxes ? But who cares? You knew A was a snake did you think you're special and not get bit ? She's only out for herself honey…

  9. Elon has spent millions on research,trying to identify the bad rash,on his nethers…let’s hope it don’t go airborn…CDC recommends… Anber should seal that shizzle up,we don’t want half of Hellywood dying,or having they crotch catching fire…

  10. Don't care. He heard about AH and should have never trusted her. He found out too late and now has a child to support.

  11. Twitter stocks were declining Because everyone heard that Elon Musk was buying Twitter & it was going to be a free for all where anyone can say anything they wanted without any consequences or any rules or responsibility & that Musk was going to ask Trump if he wanted to
    be on Twitter. No one wants Trump on anything. I don't know if that's true but it's all over social media. We also know that he was with Amber while she was still married to Johnny. To me Musk never had a good reputation anyway because of him being so.shady. He's known Amber since 2014.

  12. bored men are attracted to women like AH who challenge them and get provoked easily into "games"