Elon Musk Exposed For Paying Amber Heard's Appeal Money

Elon Musk Exposed For Paying Amber Heard’s Appeal Money

Is Elon Musk paying for Amber Heard’s appeal?

Amber has filed a notice of appeal of Johnny Depp’s $10.35 million win in the defamation trial and her lawyers have until September 4 to file the appeal motion laying out their arguments.

BUT before Amber can lay out her arguments for appeal, she first has to post a bond of $8.35 million judgment – the $10.35 that the jury awarded to Johnny minus the $2 million they awarded to Amber- PLUS 6% interest.

So how come Amber can afford to post the bond for appeal when she recently tried to convince everyone she’s so broke that she has to shop at discount stores?!

Well, many fans are convinced that Amber’s ex-boyfriend Elon Musk is paying for her appeal – but is it really true? Elon and Amber broke up over five years ago so why is Elon still helping her?

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  2. I am grateful to come across you #DRUROKO, I am now free after I used the medicine you sent to me, having genital herpes almost ruined my life but now I am happy today🌴

  3. Elon Musk might need spare parts so he keeps creating children all over with the help of laboratory doctors and paid servant girls who deliver them.

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  5. She just needs to grow up she lost . She's got so many people suing her it ain't funny

  6. I doubt Elon care about the baby who was forced upon him ..he was a sperm donor ..he is the father but not the Daddy ..big difference …really played him

  7. OMG people SHE LIES!!!!! She milked Johnny and Elon for millions even before the 7 mill divorce settlement… she has the money, but will never say that and will always cry victim and poormouth.. she takes, never gives.

  8. click bait ..Elon didn't provide money for her appeal //she missed the deadline ..she is engaging on stalking through ppl who will die for her …I hope JD gets a big offer for big budget film

  9. Right cos you really need to go bargain hunting….. if you have buttloads of clothes still….

  10. She has knowledge of all kind of imberacing thing about rich and powerful people.

  11. Just say you havent even looked into it.

    Its plastered EVERYWHERE that she only had to pay $500 to appeal.

    The suspension bond is posted to prevent Johnny from collecting. She couldn't post it, so Johnny is free to begin collecting, that is all that is. Maybe do some research next time :/

  12. …amber's appeal cost her 500….I could afford her appeal. This video is incorrect. The full posting of the full bond is only if she doesn't want jd to get a hold of it until it's done

  13. She's evil and a snake crawls on her belly eats dust (bible) well if that happens she can be found guilty again only this time he will be awarded the full 50 million he originally sued for she so bad she really thinks she's good we all know the truth about what kind of a person she is !!!

  14. I have No respect for Musk, now that I know he is aiding Turd, used too but respect is gone.

  15. This is someone that craps in your bed, a real class act, no doubt Musk is frightened of what she will stay

  16. Two things I've learned about ah
    1- can't trust her
    2- definitely cant trust her in an elevator

  17. A lot of super smart people are low on common sense. And Elon doesn't seem to have a grip on his common sense.
    He needs to fess up on the dirt and cut ties with that lying witch.

  18. This is BS . She paid only 500 Dollar and the missed the deadline to depose 10 million Dollars. That means the appeal is not happening and Jonny can go on now and get his money back from the golddigger.

  19. I believe she’s got some nasty stuff on him, worse then we can imagine……recall that it was stated that she stated that she did not love him, she was just filling time, or something like that. His mother is very protective of him, wonder she was at when he got tangled up with AH

  20. This bloke such a deckhand head how many men and women has she got under her damm spell wish she would just be put in a mental health state hospital or prison now she is never going to leave Johnny Depp alone ever and if she keeps losing against him it wouldn't surprise me if she either murders Johnny herself or set up someone else to do the awful deed this woman hatred for Johnny holds no bolds

  21. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.” “There is a difference between being poor and being broke. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth

  22. Click bait. No evidence of anyone "exposed" here… just slurs and innuendo. Shame on the writers.

  23. If Elon paying the lump sum for Amber obviously he is afraid of Amber to open a can of warms on him and reveal something that he is afraid of
    He is such a desperate man even he knows she used him before he still chasing her

  24. I never wish to be on DP side. Hell No. If Elon is helping her so what. AH might not be a perfect person but Depp is no angel and his truth will also come out.

  25. Elon is a rich idiot who she uses for his $$$. She secured the bag by having what Elon believes is his child. That's what golddiggers do!

  26. I read elsewhere she missed the deadline for the bond and that it's all over now.. The news is so confusing..

  27. How can such a disgusting and ugly person on the inside, be that physically attractive on the outside. It just ain't right