Tesla's NEW $10,000 Home For SUSTAINABLE Living!

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  1. Elon Musk…
    There is no words for him.
    I can't even imagine he spent his mansions and all for us, making superpower electric cars for us and now sustainable homes.
    He's a legend can't be forgotten 😃

  2. New sub here. I'm truly enjoying your channel.
    I'm wondering if you can provide a link to Elon Musk's website for the tiny homes?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. A smaller house is very romantic.. Oh, to dream and such a smart idea.. Thank you for sharing..

  4. Here in Tennessee they're going to start putting homeless people in prison for 6 years for being homeless ain't that some reason to put somebody in jail for jails for murder rapists and killers not for homeless people that's not done nothing sure I can understand if I've done something wrong or something like that stole or kill somebody yeah I deserve to go to prison but not for being homeless I'm 58-year-old and I am scared of that

  5. I would have to have a piece of land to put me a Tesla home on and I can't even afford that I can't even afford a home I'm just tired of being homeless I'm tired of living in my vehicle I'm tired of having to sleep in a fetal position every night I wished I could stretch it out and get comfortable one time and have all the food I can eat and I have to worry about going hungry or homeless

  6. Hey Elon Musk do you ever help the homeless people have a home while I'm homeless I'm leaving on a back porch of a friend's house that leak I would love to have one of your $10,000 homes be the first one in Tennessee to have a Tesla home that would be beautiful a home that I would have and nobody can take away from me

  7. Just need piece of land put it , uk land still owned by the richest, I.e second homes land ect ,whilst most have to rent paying same amount as richest mortgages ,more often than not paying there mortgage for them