WION Fineprint | Report: Elon Musk had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin's wife Nicole

According to a report, Elon Musk allegedly had an extramarital affair with Nicole Shanahan, the wife of billionaire Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Tesla CEO Musk has denied such reports.

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  1. Let those billionaires sleep with each other's wives. It doesn't matter to us common people. Wion must refrain from such news

  2. Musk whole family is in the porno business
    An incest,
    Reports of musk having a open marriage and sleeps with anyone.

  3. Elon musk is a genius no doubt but he has low self esteem and needs to regularly evaluate himself and where he stands by sleeping with partners of men he views as standards, that is what he did with amber heard and now this. Elon musk is a small man that thinks sleeping with partners of high caliber men makes him superior and dominant, it's a psychological disorder, he needs the self approval to believe in himself

  4. Elon is the biggest liar in the world.don't believe him after the Twitter drama for publicity .

  5. Elon join the GOP cos they are in line with what he wants ,he is living actually with God's hypocrisy,,and while I respect his business sense,as a humanbeing, Elon is a jerkass,,who car less like his dad about decency and ,morals like the republicans,while also using religion to support and cover his dark side like the Maga GOP folks.

  6. I'm confused at the media headlines. First I saw headlines about how Elon Musk (allegedly) got on one knee asking the Google founder for forgiveness after sleeping with his wife. Then there were headlines saying E.M. denied it, and headlines about how Shanahan also denied the allegations, and some articles say she was even "disgusted" at the allegation. I'm very confused. It sounds like he-said,-she-said type of BS.

  7. Gold diggers are so common now these days. From what reports say she wants 1 billion dollars even though they had a contact agreement incase of a divorce.

  8. 304s will always return to the streets, i thought Depp case with the turd be enough for men to learn

  9. the google guys wife is like the girl in high school from the star of the football team to the star of the basketball team a seasoned girl 😂

  10. Elon Musk dad had sex with his own step daughter and had kids with her, looking at Elon' marriage life cycles… He is motivated with lust. Friendship with Elon is absurd… He takes them all if he wants. All he has is just money and material belonging. Friendship, loyalty and integrity… He is poor.

  11. mm why is this ''personal matter'' becoming publisized? shouldn't this be kept private n whether they become friends again or not, how does this effect us, the public? we need a society that needs to concentrate on bigger challenges in world.. personal affairs of people is LEAST of our concerns right now when we have a global food crises/war/climate issues… only thing this story confirms is, men desire for WOMEN can take down the BEST of them… if one doesn't secure a good loving spouse, then men will resort to such behavior of desperation to meet their lust.

  12. "You claim to be a player but I fucked your wife". The real problem is not the men, is the disloyal golddigging women

  13. So what happens to Nicole? Is she the loser in all this? How much money does she get from the
    divorce? Is Musk going to give her some money for ruining her marriage? I wonder how she feels
    about everything? Brin was probably naive in letting Musk sleep over and get so chummy with
    the couple. Musk lacked character to have allowed sexual attraction to betray friendship with
    both of them. Apparently he has flaws, besides being the richest man in the world I guess.