Elon Musk Should Cars have Mirrors?


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  3. Of cause you can make an extreme aerodynamic car like a solar race car but the problem is that extremes are never good unless it is requested to be extreme. You need to find the best compromise between different demands. Mirrors are cheap and work great. That is why they are there. It might change as all the tech stuff like cameras and display are getting cheaper and cheaper but that needs time because people need to get used to it and find advantages in it to actually want it. At the moment I don't want four screens in my car (main screen, infotainment, left mirror, right mirror) but there will be a smarter solution I guess.

  4. He asks if it's aerodynamics, he didn't ask the explanation of aerodynamics 🤷🏼

  5. I just wanted to know what he would say when he said 'actually' and was interrupted, I guess he would say that mirrors aren't necessary, you could have cameras instead…

  6. Why do These Interviewers ASK the Most obvious questions where everyone knows the anwser already and they act Like "wooooow , elon Musk taught us…." 🤡🤡🤡

  7. In Texas your vehicle only has to have ONE mirror that shows 200ft behind you, that could be just the rear view mirror on the inside if you want. You also don't have to have a windshield, but if you do it can't be cracked

  8. This is absolutely true that mirrors and other protruding surfaces cause a certain amount of, "drag" because that's just part of the laws of aerodynamics. The question that comes to my mind is isn't the drag effect increased exponentially in ratio with the speed; as you travel faster and faster the percentage of drag is greater and greater? If Elon is speaking of these, "high speeds" as some of those incredible speeds far above the speed limit, then forget it and keep the regulations. As far as the, "must have mirrors" regulations should become obsolete when replaced by those Tesla highly efficient cameras. The mirror should disappear as the much better visibility of the cameras become more and more wide spread.

  9. Elon why aren't you paying rent on your charging stations? They getting shut down across America

  10. No matter what I try to find to say to get rid of them.. mirrors are very very clutch when used 🤣

  11. Elon have a encyclopedia electronic chipset embedded in his brain. But ram needs upgrading that's why always 3 secs before always answering qs.. Filtering pages.
    Neurolink hey. 🌡💉💉💉

  12. Does anyone on here have a reversing camera that they use in conjuction with other observations?
    It's the same.
    Plus you can wipe the lense clean in a second with one finger.

  13. In UK and Europe many new large commercial vehicles have cameras as does the Honda-E car.
    Have a look before admitting that you struggle with change.

  14. copyright for that video?! video credit to marques brownlee? …be carful to use otherguys content


  15. Mercedes has rear view cameras as mirrors on their trucks as an option in Germany.
    The Honda E also has cameras instead of mirrors.

  16. Just fit smaller mirrors to comply with regulations along with cameras that give a useful view.

  17. if a camera is used replace the side mirrors of a car i think it's best to put the (display) in the dash infront of the driver or kinda like a heads up display