Tesla Stock Rallies As Elon Musk Sees Costs Declining

➤ TSLA stock continues to fly as Elon Musk comments on stabilizing costs
➤ Core PCE rises
➤ Kimbal Musk exercises options, comments on Tesla’s outlook
➤ Elon Musk provides update on FSD Beta 10.13
➤ Munro extracts first 4680 cell
➤ Tesla launches cloud profiles
➤ Energy storage makes impact in Hawaii
➤ Date set for Musk court case with Twitter
➤ Rivian confirms layoffs
➤ Sign the petition on hybrid vehicles:
➤ Letter template to for Senators:

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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives


  1. I have full electric vehicle and PHEVcurrently. The user experience of full electric far outweigh the occasional convenience of PHEV. PHEV tech is complicated and a dead end in my opinion. When the vehicle transfers to gas engine operation it really highlights how nice the ev experience is.

  2. I wish Elon would just stop making predictions he obviously can't keep regarding FSD.

  3. I wouldnt sweat the Hybrid vehicle incentive, Rob. Show me a hybrid car that is at par with Tesla on everything else except battery. Consumer will choose the best balance and experience of everything a car offers. We all know Tesla wins here still.

  4. The structural pack models must have an incredibly solid and stiff chassis, with immense noise damping. They must make the classic Mercedes-Benz "quality feel" feel like a tin can by comparison. Hoping for more reviews soon, and especially for my CT sometime mid 2024? (~number 170,000 in line)

  5. QUESTION: Is the $80K limit based on MSRP or final price? – and or delivery fees?
    eg. 1) Model Y performance $69,990K plus hitch $1K, white seats $1K, FSD $12K = $83,440
    eg. 2) Model Y long range $65,990 w/ 19" wheels, hitch, seats, FSD = $79,990 (under limit) but with fees it's $81,440

  6. Sent to both of my senators in Florida, THANK YOU For the great work you do Rob! Cheers to you

  7. Rob, thanks so much for doing the petition and the letter (which is excellent). I signed the petition, sent to family, and sent the letter to the AZ Senators.

  8. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it's pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can't afford to feed their families, things might get ugly.

  9. Thanks for your Tesla Daily updates! Reasons why hybrids will still be popular in US for many years to come aside from any potential tax credits: way better mpg when using hybrid vs gas only, way more overall range vs EV only especially in colder weather, way more model hybrids to choose from, and way less dependency on lagging US mining and refining to transition to EV only.

  10. Reporting from Wales, we are still coal mining here, close to where I live, there is a very large open cast mine, which goes to a steel production plant. What a terrible and sad backwards state of affairs. The Government here is really awful. So many bad decisions, bad policies, so much bad.

  11. Hey Rob another informative and great video. Keep writing those petitions and I'll keep signing them!

  12. I am fifty years old, and the powers that be seems hell bent on clinging on to oil for another 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 years.
    Seems like we are never going to discontinue oil.
    I sold all my investments in oil a long time ago, on point of principle.
    Oil might be seen as "good investment" by some, but I rejected it personally and professionally a long time ago.

  13. Politicians and law makers are hand in glove with legacy ICE auto. It's a corrupt cartel, intimately connected with the corrupt oil cartel. Globally, Toyota are one of the worst for putting Hybrid on the market.