Elon Musk's SAVAGE NEW Business Plan EXPOSED!

Finally! This is Elon Musk’s Business STRATEGY! (Just Revealed)

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You may either admire or despise Elon Musk. You might argue whether he is a good CEO or not, but there is no question that he is one of the finest marketers of his generation, ranking with Steve Jobs and Benjamin Netanyahu in the hall of fame. What can CMOs and marketing executives learn from him, and how can we incorporate Musk’s strategies into our marketing strategy?

First strategy is to think strategically. Assume you want to purchase Twitter but the owners are unwilling to sell. In certain ways, you must persuade people to accept your choice, whether by convincing them or pushing them to do so. To reverse a choice, we must carefully plan and calculate our route. As a result, recognising your aim and developing a plan are crucial. Almost every choice we make involves some kind of strategy. However, it is not a strategy that everyone sits down and thinks about once a quarter or year. Instead, strategy is a frame of mind that we should adopt to assist us appropriately place the various jigsaw pieces.

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  1. Bussiness model to serve the whole country:
    -Understand country law, and values
    – Pyramids of administration policy
    -Bussines blocks
    -Trusted representatives and working groups
    -Connectivity, transparency, advertisement

    In his case, Elon Musk bussiness, personal and social life are trust worthy and representing the whole country. Thus, through him, America is attracting more bussiness owners and encourage investors migration to USA.

    Marwah Zahaf MD Msc

  2. I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire $23,000 every 12 days of my investment 🤗.

  3. Elon is the type of father that has a lot of children but takes responsibility as a parent and cares about ALL children. That is how all parents that are good parents should think…..So in Elon's mind All Children as part of his thinking. He thinks about everyone so watch what you say about him.