Elon Musk JUST LOST First LAWSUIT Against Twitter!

Elon Musk JUST LOST His First LAWSUIT Against Twitter…

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Elon Musk announced on Tuesday that he was canceling his $44 billion agreement to acquire the business, and on Wednesday, Twitter launched a lawsuit against him in the Delaware Court of Chancery. According to Twitter, Musk entered into a legally binding merger agreement with the company but now “refuses to execute his responsibilities to Twitter and its stockholders because the transaction he signed no longer serves his personal interests,” the company stated. Curious to know more? Stay tuned till the end because this one will definitely shock you!

After Musk announced late last week that he no longer intended to purchase the social network, citing Twitter bots and asserting that the firm didn’t provide him with the information he needed to evaluate the transaction, Twitter’s lawsuit was anticipated. With Twitter attempting to keep Musk to his commitment to pay $54.20 per share for the firm, and Musk attempting to be released from the agreement, the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, is the beginning of what could be a protracted legal struggle.Legal experts warn that the outcome of the case may be unpredictable and may involve a judge ordering Musk to finish the transaction or to pay a $1 billion breakup fee, among other outcomes like a settlement, revision of the acquisition price, or even Musk walking away without paying anything.

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  1. I think he's setting it up this way.. if he gets ordered to purchase the filthy platform it will be exactly what he wants.
    Either way the former filth of how Twitter has been used will be exposed and he will have one great potential in advertising for any future and current endeavours..
    (He's a ruthless little prick I'll give him that)

  2. This free country. ERON HAS right to change his mind till the deal is actualy done
    .plus it could be other side as. twitt fault

  3. I love how people just think that their opinion is relevant!
    Elon has operated in bad faith ever since he made that offer.
    Anyone with basic contract law knowledge knows that twitter is right!

  4. I have mentioned to Elon that the infrastructure of Tesla has to be increased by starting a Tesla Texas rental. Considering Texas existing Dealership laws in effect.This will allow more people the opportunity to drive a Tesla for a week or a month allowing them to be the next on the list for a lease or purchase, if so inclined. Also small businesses have to come before the multiple fleet sales by corporations, this allows more distribution of product amongst the population again offering more free word of mouth advertising. So orders under 10 come before orders over 10 or 100 this prevents someone like Herts rental to get all their Tesla's before the starter businesses do. Until production of the Tesla Semi can reach more than 4000 trucks a week I think it is important to keep the fleet sales at 100 trucks or less. If they can Mass produce more than that I would be one of the first to help them with their commercial fleet sales but I also believe in being able to help the smaller businesses get there trucks at the same time and not have to wait in behind for larger orders. So let's shoot for the Moon and Mars, then we will end up amongst the Stars!!

  5. LOL this should be funny. Looks like Elon's interest in Twitter is going to make millions for legal teams.

  6. Need a new bird for twitter, the old bird has flown the coupe. will need to move on from here. new time and place. lets just move on now. later you all. 👋👋🐦🐦

  7. Whatever happens with this case, it seems to me that it still wlll all work toward Elon's benefit.

  8. Please get rid of the stupid and irritating scratches that are plaguing on the videos.

  9. The individual making this podcast is twisting the facts in favour of Twitter. Mr Musk holds the better cards and when the smoke clears , it will all come out in Mr Musk favour.

  10. Bully tactic. On another note, StarLink will hopefully soon be able to deploy emergency communications for people during weather disasters all around the world. Prayers for Kentucky. God bless them! 🌈

  11. To people who know exactly how the court system works, they are not surprised when judges reaches a decision which surprises most people. decisions are made in favor or against.😈👎🏼

  12. There are so many bots on Twitter. They are easy to see because they post weird stuff asking weird stuff not just like Americans talk