Talking Tesla and Elon Musk with K10

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I worked at Tesla starting in July of 2017 as an Operations Analyst out of the Bethlehem, PA distribution center facility and left as a Program Manager based out of Austin, TX as of September 2021. I spent most of my time in the distribution and supply chain organizations.

Before Tesla, I was a Director of Business Intelligence and Pricing at the largest Pet Food & Supply distributor in the US, Phillips Pet Food & Supplies based out of Easton, PA. My wife and I also owned a small business in Bethlehem, PA between 2016 and 2019.

My thoughts are my own and are not representative of everyone who currently works, or has worked at Tesla.

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  1. Aloha Farzad. Requesting a collab with Jordan from the limiting factor. I think you two would make an awesome video!

  2. It was not a pandemic it was a plandemic deep dive the real facts not the main stream FUD!

  3. Farzad i think your predictions are bang on in my opinion also and i think he will capitalize on the credit! In the next year it is going to start getting really insane!🤗

  4. I have a McLovin driver's license and I used it to get into a bar once long ago. It actually worked but then I stopped and showed up my real ID. Lol

  5. Thank you guys, amazing conversation as always!

    If I could pick one idea that struck me while I was listening, it was about how to tackle the media FUD spread. I think we should raise global awareness of the public that this is a real thing in our society and explain that the cause is in human nature. Teach people how to verify/study, not to just read headlines but use multiple info sources, fact check, cross check…

    It should start in school. I like the picture that Elon Tweeted a long time ago about the 50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World, … If a modern school still has a place in a modern society, then in my option it should:

    – Teach just techniques how to learn fast, not what to learn

    – Teach it on examples, not lectures. Give or let children choose what it is that they would like to learn, ask them to demonstrate the technique on the subject they have chosen…

    – Teach them that in our modern society the only thing that matters is how fast they learn new things, how well they cooperate with others, tell them this world is not a 0-sum game, there is total abundance, this is gigantic cosmic/atomic LEGO where they can play 24/7…

  6. To have more men on the topic of groundbreaking technology is pretty obvious. To get more female to the Elonverse we need Mothers for Mars or something…

  7. Nice surpise to see Kristen on the pod, Farzad. She's always exuded the most genuine positive energy. Like the type of person you know would always do the right thing even if no one was watching

  8. The problem with Facebook is you'll be having a conversation with three or four people that agree and disagree and somebody completely outside of the circle will report you and then before you know it you and all four others are band because you're using words they don't like or they don't agree with the discussion you're having be it right or wrong. Facebook can go f*** themselves.

  9. This is getting to the point of stupid idolotry. Seriously, who is jerking whom? Lesson in life: Don't chump yourself.

  10. They can't beat him on any of his business ventures so they have stooped to character assassination. Elon predicted this when he made his bid for Twitter. I believe the Tesla community is large enough and vocal enough to help educate the public and defend Elon. Musk is human and does make mistakes but we all do. He has a good heart and wants to do good above all things.

  11. It s all about money. As long as this advertising based business model of the current news/content creators exists, the click, fear and attention seeking model of delivering will stay, cause it s the most lucrative.

    As for conflicts of interest and propaganda on the news, that s just a decades old cesspool of influence, lobbyism and favors. I think these two issues are really hard to solve or improve, it s in to deep in the system.

    Personally, one of the things that makes me sick is the several thousands of promising companies that were destroyed by hedge funds/big finance, over the last couple of decades, with coordinated attacks between shortselling, naked shorts, death spiral financing schemes and fake news hit pieces on said companies.

    They slow innovation and civilization s progress in the name of! After they already have obscenes amounts of money. Fkin sad!
    Anyway, rant over, great stuff as always 🥰

  12. Hey guys thanks for the conversation. I know we all would like a simple solution to this complicated social issue but this issue of human nature and perspectives has been at the core of our civilization since the beginning of humanity and really nothing will truly change by enforcing rules and laws and mandating we follow regulations, maybe in the short term but I think the most powerful and permanent change we can make starts with me and through my behavior, attitude and great intent we may influence/encourage others in our environment to also “be the change they want to see” (Gandhi). BTW the this philosophy of transforming one’s heart or human revolution is at the heart of Buddhism! Please continue having these dialogues, it’s great that you’ve opened the door. Thank you!

  13. No, people dislike knowing someone made lots money while doing good more than someone who does it while doing evil.

  14. He lives and works with a deep sense of mission and purpose for all of humanity! Because I try to live my life in a similar manner. Of course maybe not to the extent he does but I do none the less.and in terms of dealing with all the hate and negativity his childhood and what he experienced kind of prepared him for his future.

  15. Milestones that is how you win over haters. Star link has touched a lot of rural individuals that do not particular like electric cars. The Las Vegas loop when it is completed will touch a lot of people.

  16. I don't think we're generally cultists or fanatics: I think we recognize the world needs change to survive and are advocates/investors/supporters of that change.

  17. I agree. First hand knowledge is so much more powerful than hearsay especially when hearsay is abused by dishonesty in the media. FUD, fear-based propaganda, persisted lies, desperate plots to retain power, money, prestige, ego, etc. just fog up the public discourse something stupefying. We need a aha moment, a stunning, real, first-hand event/experience to shake people awake with an exhilarating, exciting, real, trustworthy, clear impact. Riding in a Tesla is surely a great example of such a penny-dropping moment in a person’s life. I know I have stupendous migraines running up against stigma in the corporate world and even in parents I talk to at my children’s school(s). I sense them wanting me to stop ‘evangelising’ about Tesla. It’s so frustrating but I’d feel worse if I said nothing.

  18. I think you could have cut the run time in half if you had edited out, like, every time you 3 like said “like”. Like wow.

  19. Arguing with the haters seems a fruitless exercise. It’s a game of Frogs in a Well; if one tries to climb out, all the others pull that one back in the well. But hearing out the haters, giving them air-time and letting them talk out their theory is perhaps the only way to begging to understand their perspective and begin to move to any potential for eventual mutual understanding.

  20. Thanks Farzad and Kristen don’t get to see you much anymore. Need to get an up to date Third Row Group back and add Farzad!

  21. Great show. I think I can explain the media negativity, the government “ignorance”, the twitter hate, et al…Most people do not realize nor discuss what is really going on here, and it is THE DISRUPTION OF LEGACY INDUSTRY. This phenomenon we are all watching unfold is truly beyond comprehension. I am a car guy from Detroit and understand the shear magnitude of power, money and influence the legacy auto industry beholds, and I am continuously blown away by what Musk and companies have done and are doing towards this end. It is IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend the difficulty involved with deployment of this disruption. So, what are the legacies to do except to fight back (anyway they can) to try to prevent the destruction of legacy auto, and their methodologies remain extremely powerful and far reaching.

  22. rodman, dude, pease be a bit more cogniscant about how often you say "like", it's distracting to hear the same word ever 2s
    Farzad you also have a bit of a tendency too, not nearly as bad though

    good discussion nevertheless

  23. I do think criticisms about race and gender at Tesla seem fair. Elon should address them and educate himself about trans people. Some of his tweets are outright transphobic, whether intentionally or not. And his own daughter wants to cut ties with him (assuming that news is true). These things are not just FUD.

    Also, reporting discrimination at a workplace is very risky and often leads nowhere except hurting your own career. The fact is that gender and race based discrimination is heavily underreported. So the fact that Tesla has had many grievances about this cannot be easily dismissed. It is not surprising given the white, straight cis male majority at Elon's companies. In environments like that you need to actively work against discrimination and harassment in order to prevent it from happening. I don't think Elon realises this.

  24. Men generally are more interested in things and women are more interested in people. That could be a huge factor for the huge appeal to a male audience. That doesn't mean you can't try to make content more appealing for a female audience. Myself I am more interested people than things (but still a huge tech nerd).

  25. I think people are rightly suspicious of billionaires. A lot of them do have blood on their hands. Elon is an exception.

  26. It "too big to fail" becomes the reality, that could be dangerous for Elon. Think of the miserable nobodies' dreams of glory and immortality if they took him down.

  27. Highly intelligent people and autistic people routinely get misunderstood, because people try to relate to them by projecting their own motivations on them. Elon is both extremely intelligent and autistic. I think this explains a lot of why a lot of people misunderstand his actions so badly.