GM CEO's Shocking Claim Is Very Alarming: Elon Musk Reacts!

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  1. Technically gm correct though, gm has what Tesla doesn't… Why are you so triggered by that statement? What gm has doesn't translate success, so no need to be flustered

  2. i could see GM coming back, IF, they are sitting on some kind of awesome new technology. And they are simply "playing" the fool. For now. And then they will release a (extra super capacitor). One that will have an energy density so high that a "battery" would not be needed. It will be super light. And it will (re fuel) in just a few minutes. IF, the technology I just described were release by GM. That would bring them back, for a little bit. But just long enough to merge with Tesla. So, nope, GM is doomed at ALL scenario.

  3. GM will get a government bailout when they go bankrupt in 2025.

    The question is what happens when they go bankrupt again in 2030?

  4. If Biden were being honest and clear, he would take Barra, past GM CEOs, and the entire Board of Directors into a sub-basement of the White House and flog them within an inch of their lives for their two+ decades of foot-dragging, prevarications, and obfuscations against CAFE standards and general efficiency. For good measure, they should also be tarred and feathered and publicly pilloried.

    GM will never, EVER, catch Tesla. Period. They haven't done the maths. They haven't done the planning. They haven't done the R&D. They completely lack the corporate will. I predict GM bankruptcy before the end of the decade. And good riddance.

  5. Here's a funny thing. GM are selling (relatively) very few EVs. I believe they are waiting for the $7500 tax credit – and then they will push out 10's of thousands of hybrids – bypassing the need to design, and manufacture those pesky pure BEVs, the ones that they find difficult to make…and (unfortunately for humanity) hybrids are either the worst of both worlds, or extending the life of the otherwise extinct ICE car ( the smelly, polluting one)….for Big Oil, and Big Auto its a glorious result – "business as usual for another decade"…

  6. With more government subsidies and anti Tesla regulations, they might have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating them.

  7. US public lost over 11billion dlls in the last bailout. And US Govt just loaned GM 2.5billion to set-up a battery mfg chain of purchasing and Mfr.

  8. Here we go again. Mary (BS) Barra is trying to fraudulently keep the value of GM stock up so people will not sell stock and flood the market and take the floor out from under GM stock making the stock a Penny stock.