IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk Exposed Billionaire Bill Gates Corruption!

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IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk Exposed Billionaire Bill Gates Corruption!
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Bill Gates and Elon Musk don’t exactly see eye to eye. While the Microsoft billionaire and the Tesla and SpaceX titan have never seemed to have a particularly cosy relationship, things have heated up over the past few years as the two have openly sparred about everything from electric vehicles to the pandemic.
Recently, Elon Musk personally spoke out against the fourth-richest billionaire in the world’s opaque behavior and Bill Gates corruption.
So, what happened?
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When Business Insider’s James Corden asked Gates about Musk and Bezos’ interest in space, he said, “I don’t know — I’ve become obsessed with things like Malaria and HIV and getting rid of those diseases, and I probably bore people at cocktail parties talking about disease.” “Space? We have a lot to do here on Earth.”
It should be noted that Gates’ comment took place after SpaceX made history with Inspiration4, which was the world’s first all-civilian mission to orbit.
Tesla, which started out as an automaker, is the loudest voice for sustainability and is advocating awareness about climate change. Betting on its failure, seems as if one really doesn’t care about the mission.
While many people may joke about the billionaire space race, we see it as innovation–especially when Elon Musk is involved. Elon has a gift for energizing any industry or space he touches and this is a good thing. And by energizing, we mean that he motivates those in that industry or space to think creatively. Tesla and the automotive industry is an excellent example of this. Sadly, Gates and many other critics of Elon shorted the stock during the hard times in an attempt to make profits on a company failing — which it didn’t, in the end. I don’t know how much Gates made or lost in total, but criticizing Elon Musk for his work with SpaceX on the points of “we have a lot on Earth to work on” while shorting Tesla’s stock seems a bit hypocritical.
This appears to be a Bill Gates ruse intended to destroy Tesla and Elon Musk. Although he was aware of the ups and downs of Tesla stock, he sold short and claimed to be ignorant. Elon Musk also commented on the situation on Twitter. Top-ranking billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates are quite different in their work and demeanor, demonstrating who has integrity and who is only looking out for himself.
IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk Exposed Billionaire Bill Gates Corruption!
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  1. Hey guys, in your Many Thanks To section you list a content WRITTER. Just what is that? Not someone in charge of proofreading I hope….

  2. I have yet to see a video where Bill Gates shows where he gets his medical advice from, Before making medical decisions for millions of people.

  3. Look up Tetanus vaccines regarding Kenya and see when information you can pull up on Bill Gates. Just an idea For research and also research vaccinia and where it comes from before you before you get conned into taking that monkey pox vaccine.

  4. Gates has only one person he's looking after … Bill Gates. And the more he can reduce the population while doing so is his ultimate goal.

  5. Elon musk intelligent and likable. Bill Gates intellectual and creepy. You choose. Godspeed America.

  6. Bill Gates should have been thrown in jail years ago, he is evil through and through!

  7. Show how bill Gates first got rich.
    And how the developer Bill got his idea from is living today.

  8. He saw what somebody was making as revolutionary then bought it to get rich.
    He IS the disease.

  9. Climate change is a canard, a tool for the elites to scare the populace into following draconian measures for control! Simple as that! For enough money, you can get a scientist to promote anything your heart desires! There are plenty of scientists (that aren't compromised by gates money) that can prove climate change is wrong!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately, money has achieved the status of a god to some people, and they will BLINDLY FOLLOW the climate change activists over a cliff! (Genesis Ch. 8 vs.22) WHILE THE EARTH REMAINS, SEEDTIME AND HARVEST, COLD AND HEAT, WINTER AND SUMMER, AND DAY AND NIGHT, WILL NOT CEASE!!!!!


  11. He did say he was going to handle over population with Vaccines. Said it 2 timed. The Ted Talk crowd applauded that. ?? Why is he buying up farm land be the hundreds of acres at a time when food processing plants are being destroyed and officials are projecting Famine in our future. I question if Gates will plant these acres and become a Farmer? I think not.