EXCLUSIVE Johnny Depp Doorman EXPOSES Elon Musk & Cara Delevingne & REACTS to Amber Heard Kiss

EXCLUSIVE Johnny Depp Doorman EXPOSES Elon Musk & Cara Delevingne & REACTS to Amber Heard Kiss

Excerpt from Deadline
Johnny Depp Quickly Counters Amber Heard’s Appeal Of Verdict With One Of His Own

Less than a day after Amber Heard gave formal notice of her intent to appeal the verdict in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against her, the Aquaman star’s ex-husband has launched his own countermove.

In paperwork filed this morning in Fairfax County, the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor has put his legal players on the board. “Plaintiff and Counterclaim-Defendant John C. Depp, II, by counsel, hereby appeals to the Court of Appeals of Virginia from all adverse rulings and from the final judgment order of this Circuit Court entered on June 24, 2022,” said the four-page notice of appeal

Excerpt from Variety
Amber Heard Files Notice of Appeal of $10 Million Defamation Verdict

Amber Heard filed a notice of appeal on Thursday of the $10 million defamation verdict that a Virginia jury awarded to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Heard’s lawyers had announced they would appeal immediately after the jury found on June 1 that she had defamed Depp by publishing an op-ed in the Washington Post. ”The jury held that the statement was false and was made with “actual malice.”

“We believe the court made errors that prevented a just and fair verdict consistent with the First Amendment,” Heard’s spokesperson said on Thursday. “We are therefore appealing the verdict. While we realize today’s filing will ignite the Twitter bonfires, there are steps we need to take to ensure both fairness and justice.”

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  1. I absolutely loved every second of this video, thanks so much Andy, Alex, & Ami… y’all are awesome!

  2. Yeah if you look closer you can see the frame of a computer monitor around the 5:15 mark. So it's not the actual vid, but someone filming it on their phone while watching it on a computer.


  4. Cara is seen being more aggressive in other videos especially with I think it was megan the Stallion I think is her name when she is on stage and Cara is seen actively pursuing M . M is really put out with Cara. Look her up.

  5. Amber's hair was fairly short at this time, maybe that will be a clue as to the timeframe.

  6. Andy! I've been following since AH case. I've been in a situation where I lost almost everything defending myself. I won.. but I would like to look into stats regarding follow up and prosecution for false reports. To date not a single attorney I've contacted wants to take on the case. YOUVE MISSED THE DICE! we need to take exiting laws about false accusations

  7. Ami please have a talk to the board of the Eastern building and see if they can arrange a pay rise for Alex. The commitment he has to his job is commendable. You guys wouldn't want to lose him

  8. I love this man, just listen to him saying "thank you"! So honest and heartfelt, love you muchacho!

  9. She had lovers in JOHNNYS Bed one month after the martiage.AH has the morals of an alley cat

  10. I dont know if it was mentioned-but you can tell which floor they're on by the lit up button on the panel

  11. Amy is so beautiful. I mean wow. Her personality is so legit aswell, lol. Adore you Amy. Love and support always.

  12. Ami should do an episode on her new show titled, "Skeletons in the Elevator," and interview residents who saw Elon, Cara, Amber or James' coming and goings;) 😉🔥🍿😘

  13. 😄👋👍👍👏👏💕🙏
    When elevator scenes were shown in court. They all had time date stamps.

  14. imo amber prefers women and is really only attracted to women this situation i think it's sus that Cara is Lily Rose's friend. I can't help but think she only went after Cara as a way to hurt Lily Rose and that was part of the thrill for her

  15. When the video pulled out, I thought I saw a date at the bottom 05/—/2016. Maybe run this from the beginning and look for it along the bottom.

  16. This a disgusting woman amber so disgusting 🤮 how she can do JHONNY like that she’s a so disrespectful to JHONNY that’s he’s place she have no morals 🤮🤮

  17. I wonder…if the source, the person who took the video of the monitors still has the original video on their device. THAT video would have a time stamp and date and show when they took the video wouldn't it? I would reach out to them.

  18. Thanks for having Alex on the show. He was by far one of the most "everyman" type of human deposed during the trial. It was very enlightening to me that in all the glitz and glitter of the elite life it boiled down to a normal guy just doing his job! Bravo Alex!

  19. Amber 💩's nothing short of an abuser and user. Her clan is one of the same 🤮

  20. Again, Heard and Delevingne were photographed extensively at the Cannes film festival in May 2014. And then they both came back to New York to attend a Stella McCartney event in early June 2014. So this very well could have been as early as 2014.

  21. Amber your so sneaky .but there are cameras everywhere if your thoughts were on this woman 👠 why did you put johnny thru the ringer ..because of money 💰💰 also I remember when you said johnny was talking to a woman on the phone and you thought he was cheating on you. Ok your cheating on johnny in an elevator. With cameras. Now I call this deceitful being unfaithful ..all you did on the witness stand was put johnny down 👎 remember one thing johnny is the victim and your the abuser cheater and golddigger

  22. I’m starting to think AH got with JD because she wanted his clout in Hollywood and a very rich sugar daddy.

  23. Interesting catch on the carpet …. The police body cam shows the new carpet so the carpet had to be change before they came to the penthouse and didn’t they come before the divorce was filed 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  24. There is like a poster on the left , do they change them out at sertain times ?

  25. They couldn't pay Alex. Otherwise JD may not have won. The JUROR even STATED that after excluding PAID WITNESSES and family, they looked at the testimonies from genuine NON PAID WITNESSES and evaulated who was seemingly telling the TRUTH.