It's a Warning! Pete Buttigieg HATES Elon Musk, Tesla is facing Serious Problems

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  1. Pete Buttplug couldn't even maintain the potholes in Southbend as Mayor (true) yet he is head of US transportation??? WTF???

  2. The Dems count on the Unions' donations. Union funding & Planned Parenthood contribute massive funds to the Democrat Party. It's all about the money! The Build Back Better will Agenda will completely destroy this country's economy and keep us in a downward spiral into national poverty. We can't afford this insanity. Musk is an Economist AND businessman. He'll make billions on his electric cars but building millions of power stations on every highway will cost us trillions and then, we'll have the issue of digging massive, deep, landfills to bury the old batteries as they age or wear out. It'd be a worldwide, irreparable pit of toxic contamination seeping into our soil and water source. How does this save the planet?

  3. EVS ARE NOT THE ANSWER THEY SEEM TO BE–since GOING FROM the CURRENT # OF EVs (about 1 million) to only 4 million EVs would totally overwhelm our electric grid!!!! ALSO, MUCH OF OUR ELECTRICITY COMES FROM OIL AND GAS, AND WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THE POINT

  4. I worked on several union jobs and they in the most part are non productive and makes it difficult to get rid of lazy employees that do sloppy work and don't have pride in what they do.

  5. I have an acquaintance who is a retired auto Union member. He spent a life time career in the industry. He is a great guy but the stories he tells convince me that overall, unions are greedy, self centered and not helpful! As a retired manager/consultant, observing a society with an incredible number of working careers options available, I think thAt most unions most of the time are power hungry greedy entities that lost real relevance about 100 year ago.

  6. Nobody can afford electric car or anything else right now we can only have four grocery and our rent so I'm not worried about all this and no one neither is nobody else only the rich people can do that

  7. Unions were good many years ago. Now they are corrupt. GM is now using mexican workers. If the union want Tesla then move Tesla out of the USA !!

  8. Musk hasn’t learned that if you want politicians help then Elon musk has to stroke the egos of capital hill. Get to strokin Elon cause social media posts are for the audience only.

  9. Because of the economic crisis that always comes up the best thing to be on every wise individual’s mind or list is to invest in different streams of income that’s not depending on the government to generate funds.

  10. Click-bait title. An issue with unionizing Tesla is Biden not Buttigeig, and Musk’s concerns with $Trillion government programs is not a conflict of interests between them. These two should work together more.

  11. The Government ABSOLUTELY needs to approve and help finance Nuclear Power Plants and other power infrastructure if we are all to drive electric cars

  12. Love "unions". They charge there FORCED members a HUGE FEE monthly. 90% of the members NEVER RECEIVE ANY benefit from being a member. The "union" gave "donations" to the Democratic National party — even when the members rejected that giving of the funds. I once belonged to a "union", when I went to the "union" due to being HARASSED by the main "official" in the building, I was told — "DON'T worry, it will blow over." NOTHING WAS DONE TO HELP ME!!!!!

  13. Hey. Pete. Are you still having your entourage drive you to the parking lot in 3 suv s. Then taking a bicycle out of back and you ride across the parking lot, claiming to help the environment ???

  14. Another democrat puppet Pete, Doing as he is told to abuse his position by reading the script given to him in the quest to cancel Elon. Hey Pete, How was your vacation while doing nothing with the airline problems

  15. Unions are nothing more than lazy democrats who ruin their country and its industries. They think they are entitled, they vote for sodomizers.

  16. Unions were good for safety and conditions in the now dead coal and steel industries. Now they are simply criminal organizations bleeding employees dry. They are contract players for the corrupt political party system!

  17. Back2Basic: educate, "conservative" means LESS government and constitution RULES!!, while "liberal" means big government regulation with constitution destroyed!!, SEE the difference without the false labels and narratives??

  18. When the political party in power vilifies the one man one company that is carrying their water and saving the planet it says a lot about the political party

    However I am confident the other party would be doing some other type of stupid shit

  19. 1. Maybe the USA should see what other countries are doing successfully to spur the growth of electric vehicles

    2. Maybe the USA should stop coddling its businesses and let them know what the policy will be so that more can create more like Elon musk ignored the government and created charging stations

    if GM and Ford weren’t so sure that they would be coddled and bailed out maybe they would do it too.

  20. Union corruption as a recipe for success compares unfavourably with hard-working and hard-thinking teamwork. SpaceX and Tesla are both TEAMS. Can Buttigieg stamp out that corruption? BTW, the ONLY vehicle manufacturers in the world who haven't been caught lying may be the Chinese. (But I doubt that too).

  21. With Elon news like this it helps us see the bigger picture as him being a white hat, strengthens the already strong belief in Q
    And why the cabal is snobing him

  22. Butiggieg has three opinions on the EV revolution, NONE of them can affect any solutions to aid in the development.!.! Typical govt wind maker.!.!.!.

  23. It doesn’t get any clearer that the liberal segment of the federal government is buying union votes with this bill. How much more obviously corrupt can you get. F Pete B and his criminal cronies. Drain the swamp.

  24. Elon I agree will you on unions . The union says they are for the workers but give workers dues to democratic politicians that kill union jobs so the company can go overseas . Keep up the fight ,I like the concept of the restaurant/ charging. But you should also think about the market/charging concept. I'm a 30 year union employee that has been screwed over .