FINALLY!? ELON MUSK Announces New HYDROGEN CAR That Will Change Everything

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  1. Methan gas ke bare me bhi kuch socho yar it may also used as a fuel.
    It would great idea

  2. Mai bhi aapke jesha hi fact video bnata hu pr mujhe sb ignore kr dete hai 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. You are very good teacher comparison to other teachers on this planet and my life 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  4. Elon Musk is a smart Businessman. He knew the advantages of using Hydrogen as fuel. But he had already invested Billions in Electric car Manufacturing. So he would have definite loss if he had some competing company coming with mass production of Hydrogen run cars. India and Japan will be in leaders in Hydrogen run cars.

  5. This guy has different level of energy and interest in explaining scientific things that's why he is highly successful in YouTube!

  6. mera to ye manna h hm insaano ko bevkufo jese kaam nhi krne chahiye q ki agr h2o se hi h2 nikalege to end me jake hm h2o cycle ko hi brbad kr dalege jese abhi earth k inverment ki 12 bjaye rkhi h simple solution to khali ek hi h battery system ko upgrade kr le and solar enegry or esse best sci fi idia radiation ko enegry me bdlna sikh le q ki vese bhi hjaro kilowatt ki enegry radio waves me west ho jati h and solar radiation bhi to h shyd india me kisi k pas to hoga koi idia jarurt h to brandrain ko rokne ki funding ki
    Gourav bhaiya ap or me ky hi krlege esme
    bs mera bol kr ho gya

  7. 1:10 He : As we all know universe me sabse pehle form hone wala atom Hydrogen tha.
    Me : Huh… Ya ya as we all know

  8. I think which is harmful for our nature. That should be use as a source.
    Like carbons.

  9. Hello gourav bhaiya ,mera ek sawal he lithium ion battery me sirf lithium element hi kyu pure periodic table me 108 well known elements he to lithium or hydrogen per hi focus kyu ???why not boron ,why not radium ,why not other man made elements like Americium , Californium, einstenium??????

  10. Company se CO2 release ho raha hai lekin gadiyo se to nhi ho rha hai na 😂😂🤔🤔

  11. Mark my words, hydrogen is definitely clean fuel but the problem is hydrogen is not available abundant in our atmosphere so we need to extract it by electrolysis, and we produce electricity using fossil fuel like coal, so indirectly we are still emitting CO2, ok then let we produce electricity by non conventional source like solar power, the question is why can't we supply that solar power to electric car instead of extracting hydrogen, so yeap hydrogen can never solve our fossil fuel problem, hydrogen can be kaju badam, but not dal roti…..

  12. Tesla logo lagna kaa kya matlab tha bai ager usna tweet nai kya to direct apnai bat rakta Elon ki picher ka mining kya hai

  13. Apko koun kehta hain ki electric cars carbon emissions nahi karta…electric cars internal combustion cars se jyada carbon emissions karta hai

  14. Is hé the same guy who said, hydrogen is not Future 😅😅😂🤣 bhai yeh Banda toh humari govt se b jada u turn leta

  15. in india we are on the verge to develop sodium batteries..which is a major breakthrough in lithium batteries 🙃