Elon Musk Is On The WARPATH Against Legacy Media! Roasts Disney & Floats Suing New York Times!

Elon Musk is going after the lying MSM like the new york times for their defamation.

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  1. They need to start naming the editor and journalists and let them be sued until all media start checking their sources or go broke.

  2. Jeremy your correct to say you don't believe it however don't say you don't care if your going to be a moralist please I implore you don't say you don't care there is nothing more demoralizing to Christians Jews and moralist then hypocrisy we've been through to much of that please don't give in to it rather focus on the fact that the press is lying about him and simply say you don't believe the press because pointing out it's a lie is not demoralizing.

  3. Enough of musk already. He's part of the damn problem. Stop falling for his shit, he's just as bad as disney and the media. Stop giving the prick free promotion and certainly stop painting him as a free speech champion because he's not one. Look at his past. He'll silence anyone who dares to criticise him, he's been doing it for years. So please, for the love of crap, STOP BRINGING HIM UP!

  4. Remember when FAKE NEWS was the Enquirer and World news that you'd find at the checkout at your grocery store?

  5. Sorry, I agree,.. don't care who Elon bangs in his own time. I would listen more to the Enquiror, if I wanted to hear such.. and,, find the Enquiror more credible.

  6. I am not worried about elon banging the google guys ex. I am worried that he is good friends with him. He is also good friends with the hippie twitter dude. SO my fear is he is deep state pretending to be for free speech. He already told trump to not run and backed desabtis.

  7. I'm glad you put legacy media in your title. I prefer that over mainstream media. We all know they are not mainstream.

  8. So the WSJ is at the level of NYT and WaPo which are barely over the level of the Daily Mail or anything from Gawker Media. And legacy media wonders why people are increasingly not reading their papers or watching their tabloid fantasy they are trying to parade as news. Journalists who are ok with publishing lies are not journalists.

  9. The WSJ hit piece on Musk was the last straw for me, so I cancelled my subscription.

  10. advice for those journalists; if you want to write fiction, then go write story books lol

  11. They learned from their master, Adam Schiff.

    Remember he went in front of Congress and read a story he made up about how he imagined Trumps phone calls went.

  12. elon is a fraud by his own admission ex. says ai is dangerous and will kill us -builds ai, ai robots with wheels connected to the internet of things, and building his global internet service …. also AI is a movie -its machine learning -false advertising … the list goes on -i used to be a fan till i woke the f up

  13. I love his games,…whether he's real or not, whatever hes doing is it. Sue their ass.

  14. These same people condemning Elon for having multiple adult encounters call me names for calling out "minor attracted people"…Which makes me fine with being "Satan"

  15. HR 1808 assualt weapons ban was passed in the house today. Almost all Republicans voted for the bill to pass. Now it is going to the senate to be voted on. Hold on to your guns they are trying to take them away and if we let them they will control every aspect of our lives.

  16. "Jealous maybe?" Do you really think that your good pal Mickey Mouse drove them lemmings off a cliff because he was jealous? So Elon Musk took a swipe at "Steamboat Willie" personally accusing him of some nonsense and you all know it… They are afraid of Mickey Mouse.

  17. why should Elon stand alone. great time for crowd funding to buy out several media outlets and make them neutral

  18. These news outlets need to be held accountable for Slander/Fake News. It's damaging to a persons credibility.

  19. You know news media is in a sad state when a publisher that was once respected is putting out articles that was in the $1.99 tabloids 10 years ago.

  20. I don't know…. Sandman had his case against m5m tossed out this week… I don't have hope that individuals suing corporations for defamation can have a chance.