Elon Musk Reveals Secret Weapon that will Defeat Russian Aircrafts

Elon Musk Reveals Secret Weapon that will Defeat Russian Aircrafts

Elon Musk is a pioneer of technology. Be it his EVs or rockets, Musk s=is soaring to new heights. The richest man in the world is also a genius at everything he does, and be it his supporters or haters, everybody is always waiting with bated breath to see what is the next thing Elon Musk will establish. Now, Musk has revealed a secret weapon that will destroy Russian aircrafts. What is this weapon? Watch to find out.

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  1. He’ll do everything to start 2.0 wars.
    Creating new ai war machines and machines with robots where less humans will be needed.
    This all concept won’t stop war , it will rather create new wars.
    As far as space x is concerned with nasa for future machines for humans benefits and also create more solar energy based items reduces co2 or other poisonous gas that’s cool, but hope so,like new system to extinguish wild forest fires more rapidly and efficiently.
    But no or may be little because if he signed contract with military,thats bad news as we can see more wars comings and others countries won’t sit.
    I personally thinks this man is evil, i may be wrong but when he says if my place is hell so be it, i have no problem with,i started thinking for sure Musk must have made a contract with the Devil.

  2. A MUSK let me the first ride out there to MARS I’ll be waiting I probably can’t afford an appraisal place anyway but at least I could dream bless you what’s the United States is a good favor and helping them amen my brother

  3. Why is he going against Russia 🇷🇺 ?? They haven't done nothing!! He should go after Joe Biden and people in Washington DC they started this globally events!!!!

  4. Elon Musk is the kind of person that hears someone say it can't be done and then turns around and does it. Nobody seems to realize this yet.

  5. I enjoyed your video. It was all very informative and I am an Elon Musk fan. I did get a laugh when you told us how far ahead the Russians are while showing us a picture of Aurora, our latest known aircraft. Only Lord knows what we really have.

  6. On race track russy no 18 ,we no 1, actually they just try to defeat no 18 and u think we joke to u lmao

  7. Is escalating the present issues
    with Russia a good idea?
    More positive relationships may
    help insure the possibility of a future.

  8. Okay that's cool but when Mr.Elon Musk going to Name A project after him even ever thing he do have his name all over them but call one his Name I guess.!?

  9. Can Elon Musk first transport trees(seed) and animals to Mars so we Humans know that life there is a great chance saving our lives from climate change?

  10. come back to canaduh…we need ur common sensical brilliant brain…our leaders have past the point of human decency n quickly flushing us all down the proverbial toilet…even mars is looking more preferable to me now…n i love earth/canada!?!!

  11. He didn't invent nothing…He has people who do the work,,from bottom to the top… excellent mind's that do the work..

  12. Lets see Musk is banned at the White House, while Ford and GM are welcomed for all EV meetings. No tax credits on Tesla cars. So you say he is liked by the government. LOL

  13. Tesla is the largest car company🤣🤣🤣 … This is some straight fanboy BS.

  14. first defeat the bloody russ, chinos and sasanids after that the moon and mars is next

  15. Mr. Musk is one smart cookie and with his brain power and money maybe he can find a cure for cancer.

  16. If Musk is so dangerous for Russians, he must be protected against an attack. It could be a strange accident, or poison, or any attack made by russian spies or anyone corrupt, whatever their nation of origin. Musk must be protected, but all its staff also. It is vital for Ukrain.I hope Americans know this…

  17. I enjoyed that, Pretty sure Musk is right about Putin wealth is much more than his.. At least Elon earned his. Not create wars in Ukraine and Sudan (Gold) stealing from the people.