Let Elon musk SMASH your girl for $1,736,438,028 dollars?

How much would it cost?? The Flagrant boys discuss Elon taking down box; Schulz’ enlarged nether region; Kid Cudi taking a bottle to the head; UK Rap reigning supreme and much much more… INDULGE!

00:00 – Start
00:29 – UK v USA Rap
06:04 – Testing Andrew UK slang
18:03 – Who’s the real New Yorker?
22:57 – Pink Sauce
31:21 – Getting monkeypox is embarrassing
42:44 – Kid Cudi bottle throwing incident
47:58 – Musk flies rocket into Google’s wife
01:02:10 – Brooklyn Pastor robbed for a milly
01:11:23 – Trump threatens dealers
01:13:33 – Andrew’s ball bag been bulking
01:20:15 – Kevin Hart reacting to Crowder’s revelations
01:30:02 – Andrew brings out the big Meat


  1. How can you guys promote KEEPS when Alex is losing hairline by the hour???
    That fitted can't stay on forever bruh

  2. The mandem ting was absolutely spiffing 😂👌 thankyou for roasting my mossy rock of a country it made my day

  3. This was one of the best episodes.. Love when it's just the gang lol.. But who we kid we love it all

  4. Yo bruh I couldn’t afford the special but I bought it because I’m a true fan I worked the corner for that shit. I was infamous

  5. CLEAN INTRO I FUK W THE EDITS! Glad I bought the special as well keep it goin boys I’m glad I got to see the Flagrant Revolution.💯

  6. Bruh Akash so uncomfortable with Andrew manspreading… Look at his face and body language. Man can't even look Andrew's direction

  7. Shultz, I know I’m just one opinion of many but your comedy special was awesome! Funny af and the crowd work was epic! You worked hard and it shows. Congrats!

  8. Alex went from dadrap boomer bap oldhead to Juice World in like a year 😮 But I support this. Shed the old way!