Is Elon Musk Sad ? Joe Rogan & Theo Von Talks | The Joe Rogan Dropshipping Experience

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  1. Tesla and SpaceX would not exist without Elon. He generates less than 5% of the value and output of the company today, but if you look at the entire arc of their histories, he generated something closer to 50% of all value and output. They would have gone bankrupt had it not been for his sacrifices. They would have not grown as fast, had it not been for the religion of acolytes and admirers that formed around him. They would have not built such compelling products and wondrous manufacturing operations had it not been for his relentless micromanagement of every engineering detail. People revere and celebrate him not just for starting the EV and space flight revolution but for maintaining their perilous survival as they extended over the chasm of death. The mission statement of his two companies (Tesla and SpaceX) is to make our civilisation sustainable and to broadcast its reach into the universe and becoming endless. Our progeny thousands of years from now will not remember the political games, the memes, his personality, his social blunders, they won’t remember the culture wars of the time, but they will remember that 2 movements comprised of millions of people discovered the blueprints to sustainability and established it on Earth, and propelled us to the stars and colonised their planets with that same sustainability being preserved. And this entire movement was started by one man: Elon Musk.

  2. I think everybody should start suing tf out of them. Joe Rogan should've sued them for that ivermectin stuff.

  3. I seriously can't understand Joe's obsession with Elon. It's like anytime Elon says anything at all, Joe just thinks it's the most genius thing ever thought.

    Elon isn't developing any of those things PERSONALLY. He pays people to do that for him.

  4. Lmao internet funny remember they say he warn us about ai but don’t he use the very same technology plus who wants to put technology in their body if it’s not for medical purposes

  5. I don't mean to sound unappreciative of Elon. But why do people act like he has a whiteboard with rocket equations and climate change algorithms. The guy is a billionaire eating wagu beef on his jet promoting crypto to middle class americans while pretending to buy twitter.

  6. He does not do all those things all by himself, man. He has an army of people working on those things

  7. He hires people to do everything, so of course he has time for all his different companies.

  8. u can tell he sad by the look in his eyes, bruh can mask it or play it off however he wants.

  9. What I don't see sense in, is the idea to populate Mars rather than improve the relationship with earth. To me, Earth seems like utopia in comparison or at least it could be

  10. I love Rogan, but he always just assumes someone is a good person that would never do anything bad because he had a nice few hour conversation with them. I’m not saying Elon slept with homies wife, but there’s lots of examples where he’s like “I know this person, they would never do anything like that”

  11. Elon musk hires engineers and actual workers to do that stuff for him if you think he is working on all of these projects everyday you are a naive bootlicker, these people go on multi week vacations overseas and have families, they sell you on the hustle culture bullshit because everyone cant leisurely make money without doing any work, it requires massive amounts of people working all day everyday for rich assholes to have something to take credit for, if it really just depended on elon musk tesla could only build a few cars a year and there would be no rockets at spacex

  12. Do I need to remind you all what Bill Burr said about Steve Jobs?

    People like Elon and Steve jobs don't do sh*t. It's the people around them who do all the work. Elon isn't in some lab by himself trying to figure all this sh*t out, he tells other people what he wants and THEY make it happen.

  13. Another sign Joe smokes too fucking much. Just listen to this bullshit from someone millions of ppl idolize…smfh

  14. Amusing how everyone thinks Musk is some saint. I guarantee the guy is up to no good.

  15. Elon Musk has said many times that YOU wouldn't want to be in his shoes which means to me that he has struggled immensely during his life and still is.

  16. Elon is very lonely and miserable… most actors on the world stage are quite sad. Sucks to be compromised on such a high level in fulll public view… they are most of them occultism puppets with multiple handlers. Elon is one of the most famous slaves that ever lived…

  17. Rogan smokes a cigar like he wants everyone to notice he is smoking a cigar. It’s almost child like