Watch THIS before starting a Company – (Elon Musk's BRUTAL and HONEST words)


  1. Watching this makes me think there should be an app available to remove music background. He's giving advice. It's not a dance video. Why put music on when all it does is distract from what is being said???!!!!

  2. So true…It's a responsibly position of a job that he means.Like any other like a General manager of a successful Hotel but on a grand scale.People now days are moved by money so they can't relate.

  3. I have this simulator game where you create your own company and you basically start from ground 0 and you make your way up to build a large industry and it does suck being a CEO, you're most of the time notified for the worst choices and some can even affect your selling/income rate, not to mention the bond market where it can be very risky, but hey, we can't achieve great things if we don't assume our risks can we?