You don't need a college degree to be successful – Elon Musk

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  1. Except for that people in power, like Elon Musk, are just Not gonna be hiring anybody like YOU unless you at least have a college degree.

  2. Yes but we live in a society where not having a college degree and being hired at a really good job or being super successful is never feasible for the average person. All these super successful people either were born rich, worked very hard to get where they are now, or where way more clever and smart to know how to gain massive success without having to work the equal margin of work for it. If everybody can become super successful without a college degree or high school degree and does then nobody is successful.

  3. I'd like Elon to tell teachers to lock down schools and every child learns basic reading, writing and math skill up to 12 yrs old. Then everyone repeats history learning via apprenticeship.

  4. I just went to kindergarten. Now im ready to reproduce and become a billionare. No need for studying. And then die.

  5. Yep college is a scam. Sets you up to basically be an indentured servant through student loans, mortgage, and other debts that you keep on the IRS’s leash. Your Better off learning and making money on your own because most of the time things that generate massive amounts of wealth and are capable of growing are found outside of college.

  6. That's not right that there's no need of any college degree, the matter is college degree isn't necessary.🙂

  7. Well thats a Stupid remark! All the ignorant stupids will now take that as gospel!
    > it only applies to the genius level.

  8. I know exactly what you say ive allways known this $$ its not all about the things taght its whats up here right here in my little egg thats all.the paper can get you hired but its allready here.the debt is enormous depending on your ability right here . Not taking thinking.sense .being some like to trap someone into paying their edùcation they never got one.

  9. Wish he'd shave his entire head, balder than a spank baby's hind, and make it shiny like senor DJ. Hay! Look! The Rock is sexy. Admit it. Ok. With climate change and global warming, I wonder what all men would look like with bald heads? Mmmm. Interesting 🤔

  10. These are good for telling but not work in real life…
    People like you sometimes got success but most of the time they failed and then unable to reach their aims……😔😔

  11. Musk is right but Einstein got his PhD from the University of Zurich.
    Some unknown guys also got PhDs and never did anything.
    Some college dropouts like Jobs have been wildly successful.
    Most college droputs have not.
    Focusing on the most succesful is incomplete.
    If we compare the ratio of successes/dropouts versus successes/college graduates, who gets a higher ratio? That would be good indication.

  12. Sure keep on alienating large groups of the population. People who have sacrificed and worked hard for their degree were sold a lie. Resentment will be the end of this economic system.

  13. All You need is A Great Work Ethic & Dedication to the Company that you work for and The rest will surely follow!!!

  14. most people get this wrong. the goal is not to flunk out of college and then apply for a job. the goal is to be ahead of college and don't needing your degree

  15. If you want to make it in life you can chose whatever route you want but if you decide to drop out of school you are going to be missing a big part of education and culture

  16. Yes that might work for individuals who are exceptional at what they do but for 99% of us taking this as an advice wouldn't be a good idea !

  17. He Himself is a Graduate in Physics and Economics.
    It is stupid to drop out by watching this type of things. There are many other reason why you should complete graduation.
    Remember: Generally people know that people having high IQ don't believe in God so Not believing in God does not make you smart.
    Similarly applied to college.
    True that many people are successful by dropping out college but that does not mean dropping out college will make you successful.

  18. You gotta have more than just interview, Did you see Gates answer questions about Epstein? You wouldn't hire that guy

  19. 👆👆🔝I admire him he's very smart, how he gets over devices and hack into Social Media Account, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc looks like magic 🧑‍💻Contact a private investigator today

  20. Look people most people who didn't finish highschool make more income beyond just about any college graduate…..

  21. But there is need to make you mind problem solver by learning skills this is taught in great college that trigger your mind build you how to win at this competitive world so guys don't take it seriously.Actually In case of elon musk is read robotics Aeronautical Science by just reading Books That why he said you don't need college degree to learn skill. Thank you all the luck in your life ❤

  22. He hires engineers with no education? Also Bill Gates has a world class education and is a brilliant computer programmer who reads 5 hours a day every day of his life. Stop listening to this con artist.

  23. That doesn't mean don't finish college, it's likely that you aren't the next millionaire/billionaire entrepreneur so follow your passions and dreams but dropping out of college is not what made these special men's with special minds brilliant businessmen.

  24. Reminder to people that even if you DO have degrees it doesn't determine success, i have an aunt who attained 3 PHDs and was still living with her mother by the age of 60, she never held a job longer than a couple months, she couldn't manage a relationship and she's never had many friends. Just because you are incredibly intelligent and good academically doesn't mean you're destined for great things, and the same goes in the reverse.