Elon Musk Claims Twitter $7M WHISTLEBLOWER Payout Invalidates Buyout Deal

Today, senators will hear testimony from whistleblower Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former security chief, who is alleging widespread security deficiencies at the company. Twitter is also rejecting another one of Elon Musk’s arguments for why he should be allowed to terminate the Twitter takeover deal. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss. #Twitter #ElonMusk #PeiterZatko

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  1. Briana’s views on Elon being fake hero do not account for why would anybody pay $44B for a company whose data you can’t trust on bots. I value Twitter at $23-30B as things stand today. There is an acquisition cost for new users that model needs to account for Elon to pay that. That’s a big delta.

    Also, rewarding liars and cheats – a hero would not do. Hero must be just and do what’s in the best interest of the masses. He is better off investing in his own platform vs rewarding those who seem to have lied about how they accounted for bots.

  2. How can she deny who get censored more. She must literally live in a bubble. Where things she doesn't agree with can't get through. So she can't even perceive of its existence.

  3. This news "team" is awful. Fight out your demons and stick to the facts thanks. If I wanted a news opinion show, I'd tune into CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC.

  4. Now give us a history lesson about Boko Haram and ISIS in Nigeria… wasn't this about Twitter??? Bri never misses an opportunity to grandstand.

  5. Glad to see Briahna back to normal. I still mostly disagree with her; but at least shes back to consistently offering sensible counterpoints… I love the Hill

  6. LOL "the left is censored even more than the right"
    She could barely even force those patently absurd words out of her mouth. What a disingenuous propaganda spewing shill.

  7. Always intersting how YouTube is Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to deleting and shadowbanning profanity, badwords, and wrongthink but they seem helpless about dealing with the scambots no matter how many times they get reported. Almost like they really don't care or are making $$ off of them somehow.🤔

  8. The prof violated the policy of the private company rejoicing and wishing harm to another person. Period. This is completely different than getting put in fb or twitter jail for questioning vaccine mandates and information.

    I can't stand musk but he is right. If twitter is full of bots it's worth far less bc it makes money based on number of users.

  9. These are great conversations. Both Brie and Robby remain respectful while not holding back on their opinions. The opinions shine and we're spared emotional agenda driven BS… Just taking a moment to appreciate these segments because they rarely happen in our current media..

  10. Leftist ranting about how having fbi showing up at peoples houses for being falsely named as Jan 6 protesters and being call domestic extremists and unable to challenge the narrative by big tech is the same as someone in a better place now dancing on the grave of a leader no less guilty than our own president over his career

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  12. The Berlin Conference of 1884 – 1885 – Background Essay
    Known as The Berlin Conference, they sought to discuss the partitioning of Africa, establishing rules to amicably divide resources among the Western countries at the expense of the African people.

  13. So a few weeks ago Bri argued that far left activists swatting a politician didn't really make them responsible for the consequences because the police should exercise more caution and therefore nothing bad should happen.

    She has ZERO intellectual honesty.

  14. In 1649 the British parliament won a real civil war between it and the monarchy and beheaded the king they have been running the empire after that so anything the British did after 1649 is the democratic voters wish and the british parliament.

  15. I love the hypocrisy of the left!! “How dare Twitter censor us!” “Censorship of the Republicans is ok though”!! My question, in response to her comment about government doing the censorship, who is in charge? The Democrats control both Houses of Congress, the Presidency and all DOJ, FBI, CIA departments. They also control a majority of the largest population states.

  16. They don't come to their defense because they haven't actively been the ones who wanted to bam speech. It is gaslighting to put forward that progressives weren't the initial group searching to ban people from posting on social platforms.

    The right says that if you're going to do it to one said you have to do it to the other.

    I'm a Democrat and way more in line with Robbie on these. But Breanna has either real cognitive dissonance on this issue if she really puts vakuebyou in her counter arguments

  17. Sorry, Bri, but we're already past whether or not someone says something distasteful loosing their livelihood. Robin DiAngelo proved it. Censorship is here to stay.

  18. Robby keeps whining about the big bad social media killing free speech, but he never proposes any solutions. It's really boring.

  19. It is absolutely amazing that this panel is focused on a single banned tweet that singulary disparaged a dead British Monarch while ignoring the fact that the likes of Jordan Peterson have been banned entirely by Twitter altogether. Among the most notable who have been banned are: (1) Donald Trump, (2) Steve Bannon, (3) Milo Yiannopoulos, (4) Alex Jones, (5) Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, (6) Attorney Sydney Powell, (7) James O'Keefe, (8) Marjorie Taylor Greene, (9) Dave Rubin Etc.. Not to mention numerous authoritative personalities who had the temerity to challenge the demonstrably false VAX narrative coming from Fauci et al. All of the aforementioned have been found guilty of expressing conservative, heterodox viewpoints, thus it is not a reach to claim that politics and ideology are key to understanding Twitter's underlying motivation for censorship. Musk's intention to buy Twitter with the aim of providing an online space where the respectful exchange of competing perspectives can be aired was/is noble.

  20. I agree she should have been able to say it, but should face any consequences from it… that is what free speech is… you are still responsible

  21. So Bei is fine with censoring, ad long as it's censorship of people she doesn't like? Or at the least she is saying that censorship of the right doesn't matter as much.

  22. Robbie is such a child.
    "No from me!" While whining?
    After having a dimwitted response, yesterday, of a woman who lost family WHILE QE2 was on the throne, and saying don't blame ancestors.

  23. The Nigerian can say what she wants. I just find it amusing she is teaching
    in the United States and not Nigeria.
    Nigerians seemed to make each other more miserable than the British ever

  24. Brianna can definitely point out when Kiwi Farms is the cause for swatting as matter of fact? Because no one else has been able to.

  25. The Royal Niger Company sold its interest to Britain. Britain didn't take it in an empire building military action. Instead of constantly blaming a country for colonizing look at who sold Niger, which became Nigeria.