Elon Musk SLAMS The Wall Street Tesla-Haters

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⚠️ Elon Musk Is FIGHTING BACK Against Attacks on Tesla


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  1. All these empty talks and hyperboles of Tesla’s competitors would be irrelevant when there are fast-charging long-lasting batteries placed in affordable cars in 2023.

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  3. Lol I guess Elon musk will be starting his own trading market. Then the s&p 500 and the down Jones will be junk.

  4. And how about Nike with child labor in the shoe factories in the far east. Apple with forced labor in factories to make phones and computers. Hyundai group in the american south with illegals/underage labor at car part steel stamping facilities. Tata with faulty airbags for car crash occupant protection made in far east asia (not all defective airbags have been replaced by recall). The ESG (environmental, social, governance) program itself is a scam. You can not force employees to join causes that they do not believe in when they are not actively at work.

  5. Am hoping it remains low for as long as possible am loading up on Tesla shares right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Nu sunt motive de îngrijorare ,prostituate și prostituați mațe goale la cerșit de foame ignorați cerșetoriile la fomiști și fomiste litere in farfurii

  7. This is how Green Tyrants control the world. ESG has nothing to do with saving the Earth but tightening their own grip on power.

  8. If this report is accurate, Moodies ratings on a like him/dislike him ratings are questionable. racism can be seen in all business throughout the world but in most cases are covered up or ignored because of the management preferences in the eyes of the me too movement. if the information about ratings of twitter because if this is true, Tesla’s management have grounds for a review of this assessment . Tesla’s factory at Texas is relatively a new one and has much room for improvement in all or most areas. I will make a bet against anyone that Tesla will make the changes and satisfy these people in a way the can’t ignore for the next year’s evaluation. I personally think there is bias is this report.

  9. Regarding companies with their own agenda, they're backed by WEF, or are one of their leftist members. They forget that EV automobiles are being produced and sold to reduce CO2 emissions. Solar, battery pack and EV giant poses a threat to their leftist views. Both sides do have valid points and their ESG rating needs to be upgraded to reconsider all of Tesla's attributes. I'm sure everyone knows about this by now?

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