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  1. Just relaxed and holding and adding as much AMC and APE as can I afford along the way. Apes strong together. Let's get it.. They are losing soooo much goddamn money while we hold it's unreal… Not to mention those bank/hedge fund employees are about to get squeezed by the Justice department. They will be jumping ship like rats when the hammer comes down and they won't even get a warning when the heat busts in…We have captured everything they've done. The numbers don't lie….

  2. Use to enjoy you, you’ve became completely unwatchable since you got into bed with review pork. Constant 13/48 infomercial. You got away from your base. You should think about doing what TMI did to save your brand.

  3. You use to be my go to guy, BUT you have made a shift in your platform. I believe you forgot what got you here. I don’t want to keep hearing about your 13/48 push! I have lost interest in your content. Good luck to you

  4. The stock/Crypto market has been a really tough one this past months, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the newscaster "Jim Cramer" kept mentioning " ANN MCGRATH ELLIOTT " This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from then till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $190k in my trading portfolio.

  5. Good information, another great video – Keep up the great work, I’m enjoying these most recent videos of STVs on the overall market environment.

  6. What’s interesting to me is people of this level take Powell’s words as actual factual.. I will just assume they don’t understand how to control the masses like most people. Powell is very well aware of what they see. Let me break it down like this: If a meteor was heading towards the earth and was going to wipe out the earth… Do you think they would tell you it’s coming, or let you live the rest of your days out happy. If you don’t know, it’s B. Now translate that to what the Fed tells people. You can’t just tell the masses the truth because they will overreact. Powell has to choose his words carefully and he states that over and over. The problem is, people are not reading between the lines. Cathy has hinted at what I’m saying but I’m saying it as fact.

  7. Can you make a video explaining how beginners can make huge profit within a short period of time? I mean i was at a seminar and the host spoke about making well over $880,000 within 4months of investing $150,000 i just need to know how

  8. Even with the economic fluctuation,I'm very excited to have earned $45,000 on my $10,000 investment every 10 days