The Elon Musk of housing explains first principles thinking that led to BOXABL

I had the chance to interview @Boxabl CEO, Paolo Tiramani. Here he explains how first principles thinking led him to creating #boxabl


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  1. I love origami. kinda like a origami house. I thought 3D printed on site housing construction was going to be a thing. West coast needs more fire retardant designs.👩‍🚀

  2. Once Russia gets their territories from Ukraine they will be rebuilding those areas, maybe they will place a big order with Boxabl.

  3. Elon can use Boxabl to make good company housing for Tesla and SpaceX employees. The problem with these units is city and town regulations. Some areas do not want small homes in the area because they attract other problems. Great job Ellie. 50k subs next stop!

  4. I think once Ukraine pushes Russia out of thier land, Boxable can rebuild that country's housing market.