Gravitas: Elon Musk "delayed" Twitter deal over World War Three concerns

In May, Elon Musk has his bankers to “go slow” on the Twitter takeover. Musk believed the takeover won’t make sense if the world “was heading into World War 3”. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

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  1. What a Laughable "Caption..Musk is just a DUMBO.. Puppet of evil group..just a Puppet.. Who always Tries to Impress his Handlers..POOR GUY..Over Hyped..NOTHING else….take care of urself AnD PRAISE THE FATHER NOT ur Communist Boss..Get It..any way One more thing..Dont Waste Ur Time and Energy on so called *space program..THATS NOT GONNA 2 WORTHY IN FUTURE CERTAINLY..SO Ur Show off Won't Save U..From Fire of ETERNAL HELL..and don't Play in a Hand Of Evil.. Certainly…..🌎🤫💯🪐

  2. There's bots! It totally changes the ramifications regarding the worthiness of the site. It's a great site with many resources and worth, but when it boils down to a purchase, it is very relevant!

  3. Hello dear Elon Musk. Thank you very much for all your great efforts to save humanity. But, the Nicola Tesla's FREE ENERGY (Wireless Electrity) has been (secretly) avaiable for at least the last 100 years. Why don't you concentrate on that great, pure and clean technology at all? Why don't you ever talk about that great FREE ENERGY? It solves almost all the problems in the WORLD. Dear Elon Musk please WAKE UP! Please share this. Thank you. 💖👍🌈😊

  4. If world wided war break out social media would be only way people could chat 🤷 🙄. War want break the Internet. The social media Twitter would be the one only place's to chat 🤣📞 ? Twitter 💭Hi someone ends world going shopping 🛍 🙂.

  5. What elon revealed about twatter is that it has a lot of bot accounts artificially spreading misinformation and disinformation and the value of the company is NOT $44billion. twatter refused to give the real numbers of actual accounts owned by humans.

  6. Can't blame him because WWIII is indeed coming soon (if it has not already arrived). Just look at the following flashpoints around the world….

    1) China and its renegade island of Taiwan.
    2) Including the tensions in SCS.
    3) Israel constant attacks & bombings on Gaza & Syria's territories.
    4) Possible Israel attack on Iran's nuclear plant.
    5) Turkey and Greece.
    6) Serbia and Kosovo.
    7) Poland & Belarus.
    8) Now Azerbaijan and Armenia.
    9) What's next….??

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  8. This is nothing but an excuse to not buy Twitter, why not just buy Twitter whether ww3 happens or not, it wouldn’t matter either way, he could buy it and the world would end or he could buy it and illegibly profit from it if ww3 didn’t break out, it’s just an excuse not to go through with it because he realised Twitter is cancer he can’t salvage

  9. 95% of traders lose learn to hold. No one goes from broke to rich without market pain. Stop selling and buying on emotion. Buy. Hold. Get through the pain. In 10years you"ll do great. Don't buy meme coins.

  10. I just can't help but laugh at the fact that Twitter went from not wanting to be bought by Elon to suing him for wanting to back out of the deal.

  11. So everyone should stop buying his cars. There will be no parts or service available in a war. He should probably stop spend money on rockets and stuff too. He's just trying to manipulate the markets.

  12. Elon is a wise guy unlike Biden but Morgan Stanley will try to do everything to damage Musk for being denied their Cut

  13. When will people learn he has the highest wry sense of humor. It is nuts how you make a headline out of a joke.