CNN vs Elon Musk: Population Collapse

CNN attacked Elon Musk in an article by Jen Christensen about population collapse. It was a thin piece with little analysis and typical tricks of lying journalism.

Original article:

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  1. I have always said the obvious, words have meaning. All too often today people write words they don’t understand or use inappropriately.

    I love how you dissect these articles and call people out.

    While I admit to being conservative it appears many of offenses are highly exaggerated on the left side of the political spectrum. Thank you for all you do

  2. Pro tip: if you are a journalist in the mainstream media, just mention Elon Musk in the title of the article and then proceed to write about something completely different. You will have succeeded in creating clickbait, and your manager will be happy.

  3. Muslims can have more than one wife. That can increase the birth rate. I recall in the movie Dr. Strangelove there was a plan to recover the population.
    Interesting that I have met a Nigerian Prince.

  4. As a father of 4, I find it interesting to witness firsthand the societal pressure which is contributing to the population collapse. When people find out that we have 4 kids, they usually have a strong reaction as if we have an exceptionally large family. To oversimplify things, over 15% of the population over 40 has 0 kids, which means to balance that out, if everyone else had 2 kids, you would need 15% of people to have 4 kids. So it shouldn't be considered unusual to have 4+ kids, yet it is. There is also the pareto principle, which means that a small number of people have most of the kids. It shouldn't be expected that everyone have 2 kids, but rather, a fairly small number of people could have very large families while most people have 0 or 1 children. For example, I know someone in my area born during the baby boom who has 18 siblings!

  5. Immigration is not population increase. People moving from point A to point B does not affect the global population.

  6. It will a huge problem very soon. Back in the 70s, South Korea used to have a birth rate of close to 5. After it became modernized, it is down to 0.7. I am not sure if the population will collapse, but it is a certainty that the country will be a very tough place to live with the rapidly dwindling number of the working population. Who is going to pay the bills? And no, South Korea is not overpopulated; However, the population densities of mega-cities are huge.

  7. I'm just not seeing it, and I can't agree with Elon on this one. It's more crowded than it's ever been, human population is growing and no signs of it slowing.

  8. I don't believe that CNN sincerely believes their own BS. They print what they are told to print to drive the political agenda.

  9. tHe ExPeRtS sAy!

    What data set are the basing this on? Can we see it? What ever happened to all the data that was "lost" by the Climatic Research Unit? Birth rates are down. The population is older than it has ever been. Baby Boomers are getting old and will soon not be part of the population, since there have not been any subsequent baby booms after the last one, it stands to reason that there will be a collapse.

  10. If birthrate is only 1 kid per couple, It's not going to half every generation it won't half until the larger generations mostly die off and only the generations with 1 kid per couple are left will it be half. So like every 60 or 80 years it will half. I'm sure there is an exact formula for this but it's not every generation.

  11. I think the hyperbole hurts Elon's and your case. A birth rate decline is only an extinction event if it continues for generations without people adjusting. Just as the current generation has changed to having fewer children and later in life (both of which affect demographics), doesn't mean that will be the case a few hundred years from now. Extrapolating exponentials far in the future is usually wrong because the drivers change and the rate doesn't stay the same.

    When comparing birth rates over time and location, it makes more sense to adjust that by childhood mortality. People had way more kids when childhood mortality was high because they had to. The rate that matters is the replacement rate in number of children over a woman's lifetime that reach reproductive age. Talking about lifetime replacement rate is more accurate than birthrate or actual population (for this topic) because then changes in childhood mortality and life expectancy don't confound things

    I think the global population being twice what we have now or half what we have now are both okay. It is not an extinction event if we stabilize at half our current population. I don't even think I would call it a "collapse" if it is by choice.

  12. Warren, I would caution you to not view all environmentalists, or all folks that believe that climate change is real (and is really a problem), as haters of humanity. I love people. I think people are the point of all this. I do not hope for population collapse to rid the planet of the plague that is humans. But I do believe climate change is real. And I suspect that a vast majority of my fellow believers are like me, that is pro people.

  13. We are like fly shit in the pepper of nature. Nature is an astronomically robust system that people at CNN and other short term thinkers do not comprehend.

  14. When a new 22nd century hoard comes to your grandkids backyard- it's because of malthusian idiots like this. Hey, they don't care. They don't have kids. They simply want to 'teach' yours.

  15. The Republican Party's answer to the population decline is to ban abortions even when a woman (even a minor) is raped. Imagine where this could lead.

  16. Elon Musk is correct according to global trends. If everyone stopped having kids now, there would be no humans left in 100 years. Your theory about a larger population producing more great people is debatable though. India and China have had the largest populations for decades. Where are the great people? I think if you delved deeper it is more related to societies that have freedom of thought and exchange of ideas coupled with education and literacy ie political freedom. Why has Scotland produced so many great chemists, physicists, engineers and inventors? We all know the list of their breakthroughs: televisions, steam engines, fridges, lawn mowers. Why has such a small country had so many big ideas?

  17. Every time they update the population projections, it's projected down. The scary part is the fertility rate hasn't stabilized. It's still declining. China is now projected to have Half their current population by 2050! Please don't believe United Nation's projections as they have been wrong & adjusted down for decades.

  18. The left got taken over by nihilists that care about nothing but their happiness and feelings. They have no vision for the future and cannot reason about it. I don't know any environmentalists who are invested in Tesla, and it is probably because of this lack of vision.

  19. Yes. “Appeal to authority” is a serious logical fallacy, used by the intellectually dishonest to push agendas.

    1) Which Authority? Which “expert”?
    2) Why are other experts ignored? Why the selective use of only certain experts that support your article’s thesis?

    Thank you for using critical thinking to pick the CNN article apart. There is no Malthusian threat. It’s quite the opposite. Put all 8 billion people in the world into Texas, then Texas has 1/3 the population density as Manhattan (with the rest of the world empty). That’s a demographic fact.

    It’s a long-term demographic problem. And it’s largely not a financial situation, it’s a cultural choice people make to maintain a personal lifestyle. OK, but be honest with yourself about your motivations. It’s all about you. But what a wonderful gift it is to give someone a life.

  20. What she actually wrote: "global population is growing & it shouldn't be collapsing anytime soon" is 100% correct. Elon clearly has a longer time horizon, & in the longer run there will be a population decrease. Population will probably peak at around 11 billion somewhere near the end of this century and start to decrease after that.
    I don't believe there will be a population collapse at least not at the global level, (unless it is caused by climate change proceeding at some of the more pessimistic scenarios).
    There are, however countries that will have problems with population collapse, especially with their pension systems. (But those are, mostly rich countries, and as long as they allow smart immigration they should be fine, and if robots and A.I. future is as I believe it will be, they should be mostly fine even without immigration)

  21. Births to teens & 20’s causes more rapid increase than waiting until ‘40’s, but perhaps health wise 20’s more suited to motherhood too. More chance of being active grandparents. Consider age mix, some cultures marry mature man to young bride. It happens.

  22. you have the assumption that people are having fewer children because of climate change do you have anything to support this assumption? i think it could be economic if population reduces and live is easier "IF" then it could be possible people decide to have more kids

  23. "More people are killed by cold than warmth" – 2022 argument against climate change action. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

    1/3 of Pakistan underwater directly due to climate change. "I dont think climate change has as big of an impact as people think it has".

    Climate change is something that directly affects RIGHT NOW, population collapse MIGHT happen when? In 200 years?

    If theres one topic you shouldnt talk about its climate change. You are helping nobody by spreading this skepticism when even your idol Musk acknowledges the fact.

  24. Extremists feminists are the cause of population reduction. It's more profound than that , but that's how it started. IMO

  25. Anybody that doesn't appreciate humanity can self opt out of the species if they choose. Maybe that would make the world a better place.

  26. Ask yourself this question, what happens to real estate values in places that have population declines and what happens to service industries in those same places?? What happens to the economy? Japanification and the economy never comes back.

  27. If your stocks drop 60% anyone with a working brain would say they crashed or collapsed.. Just like Crypto has done. To say the birth rate hasn't is just a lie. But CNN is the source of fake news, so what should we expect.

  28. I think Tesla might have an idea for the "Who is going to do the work?" question. Let's tune in on Sept 30.

  29. There's literally an upper limit to the population that earth can support, seems silly to think that population can or should increase forever – it simply cannot. We're stabilizing what has been a ridiculous explosion in human population over the past century (4x humans in the past 100 years is not a sustainable rate for the next hundred years). Rub some brain cells together.

  30. Literally every population expert believes overpopulation is the problem, not population collapse. Japan has had a declining population for 80 years and is still the 5th most densely populated place on earth, they're doing fine. US population is increasing, global population is increasing, and the resources on earth can only support about 12 billion people (fresh water, food production primarily but there are many other resources in jeopardy as well). Elon is just projecting trends forward without any understanding of the "why" behind it, this is like the EIA projecting future renewable energy – they just get it wrong constantly (too short term of a view). Look at a population graph over time and it will be extremely obvious that collapse is not the problem – there are more people alive today than have ever lived and died in the history of mankind. People realize that this population isn't sustainable and a correction is happening, it will achieve a balance and if we get more breathing room tgen birth rates will pick up again. This is very well understood by population experts, which Elon is not.

  31. Warren, good analysis. But, the teslabots (Optimus) are going to do most of the work and take care of the old people. There won't be a shortage of workers.

  32. 2.1 for replacement because some will not make it to mating age but also because some of them will be unable to conceive (genetical conditions or lifestyle issues)