Elon Musk Warns Everyone Of WW3 As China Advances To Taiwan!

Elon Musk Warns Everyone Of WW3 As China Advances To Taiwan!

The threat of World War III looms as ‘no good options’ remain in the ‘dangerous’ China-US conflict over Taiwan, Musk said in a statement. Can we prevent World War III? Let’s find out in this episode!

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As China continues to threaten the island, US politicians have visited Taiwan this week, following Nancy Pelosi’s lead. Following Beijing’s ire over Ms. Pelosi’s visit earlier this month, military exercises were conducted close to Taiwan. Senator Marsha Blackburn vowed that China would not stop her from traveling to Taiwan. She stated: “Regular high-level trips to Taipei reflect long-standing U.S. policy,” Blackburn said in a statement.

“Taiwan is our strongest ally in the Indo-Pacific Region.” “I won’t be intimidated by Communist China into abandoning the island.”
China views Taiwan as a colony and the island has not formally proclaimed its independence.

However, the US has defended Taiwan’s right to self-government and even vowed to support the nation if attacked.

According to Kristen Gunness, a Chinese military specialist at the Rand Corporation think tank, the tension between Washington and Beijing is creating a “dangerous situation.”

She stated: ” China’s presence in the airspace and oceans surrounding Taiwan shows that they have the ability to govern it if they so want.
“A normalized PLA (Chinese military) presence that may limit freedom of operations and freedom of movement, which is a key US objective, makes this a risky time in terms of the potential for escalation.

It was a sizable protest, but there hasn’t been the diplomatic or economic fallout you might have anticipated. We don’t want it to escalate into a more serious dispute, I believe, which is why.

The United States and Taiwan are currently at a disadvantage, according to Ashley Townshend, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think-tank.

She said that this was because China was more willing to escalate while the US wanted to maintain calm.

There are no clear options for the US to respond to the status quo being reset in a way that is favorable to Taiwan and the US, according to Mr. Townshend.

If you play responsibly and your opponent is willing to escalate, you lose the round, just like all status quo players.

A nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was tested by the United States amid concerns that rising tensions due to Chinese and Russian threats could spark a global conflict.

The disclosure comes as Russian state media constantly threatens western countries with nuclear attacks, typically citing the SATAN II missile near Moscow, the home of Vladimir Putin. It also follows suspicions over China attacking Taiwan, and North Korea threatening its southern neighbour have raised concerns of global ramifications. According to recent reports from the Pentagon, as part of Washington’s most recent show of strength and deterrence, the United States Air Force (USAF) launched an unarmed ICBM for testing.

Speaking about the launch, Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder stated yesterday that the USAF Global Strike Command will launch the Minuteman III missile from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Ryder described the launch as a regular test that was planned well in advance.

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  1. Anyone remember the sticker "Made In China" on products when we were kids? Get used to it folks. The Chinese are taking over the world economy. Only now, it is no joke.

  2. Far best option for China is to not invade Taiwan but to accept the status as is. The commercials interests of China are way to big to risk that. China knows that better that anyone.


    Our sons and daughters serve in harm’s way

    To defend our way of life.

    Some are students, some grandparents

    Many a husband or wife.

    They face great odds without complaint

    Gambling life and limb for little pay.

    So far away from all they love

    Fight our soldiers for whom we pray.

    The plotters and planners of America’s doom

    Pledge to murder and maim all they can.

    From early childhood they are taught

    To kill is to become a man.

    The fearful cry we must submit

    And find a way to soothe them.

    Where defenders worry if we stand down

    The future for America is grim.

    Now’s not the time to fight one another

    Or kiss our enemy’s cheek.

    All through history it remains the same

    The strong enslave the weak.

    May God continue to bless America

    Refusing evil the upper hand.

    It’s up to us to stay resolute

    Defending the liberty of Man.

    BY Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web

  4. I am a Taiwanese and for the One-China, hoping for a peaceful transition. Never mind the politicians trying to grab more power, sell/buy more American weapons. We (China) is having a family disagreement, no need for other nations to do some poking here and there. It is all part of Western Divide-and-Conquer scheme here.

  5. Taiwan is a part of China, check your US State Department website for the official stance of the US. However, the US has been doing all kind of funny stuff to ukrainize Taiwan. At least get your facts straight.

  6. Talk of WW-3 is nothing but sabre rattling, in order for China to desist attacking Taiwan. Why would the west risk a nuclear war, and subsequent total destruction, over Taiwan. They can sacrifice Taiwan for the west, but not the other way around ! They are stirring up military fears, so as to cause China huge financial expenditure, which they hope that China's progress may be slowed…

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