Elon Musk Just Sent Out This Chilling Message About The Upcoming Spacex Mission & Our Future

Elon Musk just sent out this chilling message about the upcoming Spacex mission & our future. Today, we take a look at what Elon Musk said about this upcoming Spacex mission and also the future of humanity.

Spacex launch missions are of particular interest, Recent Spacex news has revealed that they’re working on missions that will send humans into the cosmos. Elon Musk has been vocal about moving humans to another planet, saying that this will help preserve our species. Elon and scientists have noted that in the decades since the last Apollo Moon landing, humans have not been on another world, or even gone past low Earth orbit, an area which is defined as being at an altitude of less than 1000 km, or 621 miles, or as low as 160 km, or 99 miles above Earth.

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  1. Have we ever created a scientific isolated contained colony of humans here on earth that has lasted for a significant amount of time. If we can't do it here then……..

  2. Being a shill for Malthusianism is not a good look for you, and it is also pure bullshit. Disappointed.

  3. Political and religious anything

    They are rich using secret anonymous benefits… from natives for centuries and that is why we are asking for confirmation of wealth and deportation with a permanent criminal record permanently

    And the president his staff are included

    Usa 🇺🇸 is starting with giving justice to the oldest worldwide family ancestors from the Bible

    We are keeping usa 🇺🇸 under one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all ❤️💋✅

  4. Some historians believed the Atlantis, possessed space capabilities as they were highly advanced. Yet we don't have there tech today , humans need to shoot there shot.

  5. The only issue with this world, is our …..government's…… while these are pushing panic, look for the real story their hiding

  6. Meteor.satellite. WTF who saying that they are lying or complete morons.they aren’t from our world what are they afraid of so much evidence of ufos not this world

  7. Why Elon not only can you build our future all of a sudden but now your telling me that you can look into the future of our destruction i hope this is just your internal optimism of controlling man's destiny which you seem to monopolize these days anyway with your high earth contacts and dishing the opposition.

  8. I also feel like the Bible has a recipe for how to reset and that was the flood so hopefully they never try that for it would be a night mare

  9. If we lived for hundreds of years like they used to we would have done been off this planet because we would have thought of how to do it but I feel like our time was short and just for that reason it's almost like our planet is not just protected by the meteor belt and magnetic planets such as Saturn but it's also like a prison why would they make it to where there's no Oxygen when you leave the planet because they don't want you leaving the planet that's what I think

  10. The lights in India are not satellites. Believe people. Look and use common sense. We see satellites every day and they don't look like this. Even starlink doesn't.

  11. Controlling the population?
    Have you not been listening to Elon about the dying out of entire cultures?
    Many countries aren't even replacing themselves.
    We're a bit short on babies for some reason.

  12. Don't hope for nothing important,,,,this guy says whatever bullshit lying statement he thinks will get clicks …don't ever take someone serious if their first impression is deceitful, and misdirection is their M.O……Just saying.

  13. Why would the government fly these crafts over populated areas? Because of at least two reasons. To help in soft disclosure or too set up a falus flag event too use too their advantage. Even thought in 2020 the Pentagon released a statement that they have recovered vehicles NOT OF EARTH. And no one noticed Google it.

  14. U can fit every single human on earth in the state of Texas don't hand me bullsh*t that we need to reduce population it's just that everyone wants to live in the same areas like costle areas don't fall for agenda 21

  15. At least Jeff Bezos will be able too call Elon to save the blue Origins rockets when/if they ever catch up enough with Spacex enough to be taken seriously. Lol

  16. Maybe Elon is just making it possible for the episode of Twilight Zone "To serve man" to take place whether knowing or unknowingly. Lol 🏃🛸

  17. His companies are building Noah’s Ark. Mind blowing shit considering flight itself is a relatively new advancement in Human history.

  18. It's not very logical to assume we could go to another planet and make it suitable for humans, if you accept the premise that we cannot keep this planet suitable for humans.

  19. Sorry but again u disappointing.People did not forget how to build or read it was done by the people in power at the time it's the oldest method for rulers wipe swipe and implement control?

  20. I think we need to do both at the same time. Why must it be one or the other? Multi-tasking is a good thing!

  21. there is so much empty land on earth some never even explored ,people are all bunched together so makes city's packed , ,if spent his money getting rid of the nuclear treats and clean water here ,farm more places spread people out ,it a mighty fine plant this earth without using rockets to send people to mars , what if he does get them there ( is he also going to live there ) and say our planet gets blown up how you going get supply's etc to mars ? s who ever go's there be on there own

  22. so, as a result of the sun's behaviour, mars is the latest to be changing and earth's next – pole shift etc – so some say – warrants further study from populous. not sure elon believes that.

  23. If you &/or everyone else are not going to research all this CHANGE for the most part…to be caused by THE SUN!… Then as always … ignorance wins, and y'all lose. Wake up! If you think the disaster is going to be a slow(but increasing) sea level rise and the displacement &/or deaths of 10's >>> 100's of millions of souls… You are all going to realize [all too late] to keep from being the 5 >>> 6+BILLION who absolutely will perish. Open your eyes ! Geological findings prove the coming onslaught. If anyone truly intends to survive in the TRUE aftermath…

    [[[[[ as the USA's multi-location underground preps & city sized shelters ( @ $10's of TRILLIONS over these past 3 >>>5 decades )…YES, The Powerful People & The Elites and all of their families are all prepared for the siren to their assigned location ]]]]]

    … of the potential massive disruptions, & soon to be even much greater DESTRUCTIONS, from he all in 1 single day of massive catastrophic loss of human life VIA This Planets' Flip to It's side @ 90 degrees. "Bullshit!" you say? Have you ever even listened to any of the many scientists who now see & understand this oncoming epoch of disasters ?
    The souls who count themselves safe in secret w/the PLAN are not talking about it[unless they're refuting that idea as crazy so to keep it truly secret still] … you figure the rest out on your own, as i ~ and 'the not too many' others ~ have done on our own. K, …Bye now! ^j^

  24. Need to change our technology no more fossil fuels all gas cars gas planes etc maybe power cells nuclear fusion sure we can come up with ideas

  25. Earth just returned from a NUCLEAR WINTER, not an ice age! We can prevent this in the future by getting rid of all the nuclear power reactors which are just waiting for a natural disaster to detonate them!

  26. You can provide oxygen – with difficulty – but you can't sort gravity. Màrs is smaller than Earth and has 40 per cent of Earth's gravity. Any earthling living there would develop osteoporosis and become unable to move. See Sabine Hoffenfelder's U-tube video 'Terraforming Mars is Easy!'.
    We have reproduced with death control – attempts to provide clean drinking water, vaccination, antibiotics – without birth control. All problems experienced by humanity now, and facing us in the future, will be made worse by our continuing to reproduce as we are doing. At present we are destroying our habitat – the only one we have – or will ever have – irrevocably by our attempts to survive day to day. Mentioning that overpopulation is the greatest problem we face is the most objectionable thing one can do. It normally evokes an explosive emotional response: racist, Nazi, etc.