xQc Reacts to The Science Behind Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Chip | WIRED

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  1. Ah yes I loove Elon musk my favorite gigamillionare wowzers I'll have a chip on my brain so I can become a tesla too and catch on fire

  2. Whoever said games I’m your brain is insane. Can you imagine letting EA have access to your internal thoughts….

  3. xQc is right: The vast majority of us eat meat and atleast in NA and EU consume cow milk (many other parts of the world people are lactose intolerant). These animals suffer a lot just so that we can eat meat and drink cow milk which we don't have to do. But testing on animals that is actually useful for humanity as it helped develop all kinds of vaccines etc is bad? Btw I am not vegan but can acknowledge what happens whenever I do eat meat.

  4. Elon Musk says vaccines are bad because it puts unknown shit in your system but then fucking makes brain chips. Classic

  5. 3:06 Sagittal view of a “Proton Density MR Image” which means the brightest parts are “high-density” gray cells (cortex) and the less “proton-dense” white matter areas are what’s directly under/inside the outer bark. The hippocampus is right in the middle of the brain area there and is where your core memories are formulated, physically. 👍💫

  6. Xqc is actually right in the comparison between the meat industry and animal testing… they both are animal abuse yet we only care about the latter. And funnily enough, animal testing gives far more value to humanity than eating meat, so it really is the dumbest of double standards only because we're so lazy that we cannot fathom not eating alive beings because they taste good, even with all the alternatives.

  7. Chat acting like it’s really that wrong to treat the animals like this is hilarious. Most of humanity would not even be alive without the testing of animals. Hundreds and thousands of diseases and sicknesses have be cured by this method of research, such as polio , the measles etc. And we are now having many breakthroughs with cancer with this way of science also. Classic chat L, having an highly uneducated opinion on something that they don’t have a single clue about. Hilarious