Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Elisabeth Warren's CORRUPTION!

While many of you think Elisabeth Warren has some personal grievances with Elon Musk, in reality, she hates all the millionaires. Thus, Musk is not the only target. She has always been famous for targeting wealthy people in the United States. It all started when Elisabeth Warren splurged out some withering remarks to Elon Musk, which SHOOK the world.

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Elizabeth Warren Allegations Against Elon Musk
1:57 – Elizabeth Warren Takes A Dig At Elon Musk
4:27 – The Twitter Turmoil
5:44 – Elon Musk VS Democrats
7:42 – Elizabeth Warren Is A Corrupt Personality
9:08 – Kamala Harris’s Disasters


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  1. she's a hack and everybody knows it, she's an operative, not for the people. but how the hell can a visionary with application be a democrat today? democrats hate america and want it to be something else… and elon supports these people, go figure

  2. What about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Besos and many others including multimillionare
    políticians like Bush, the Clintons, Pelosi, etc

  3. How DARE you indiscriminately edit in video of SNL's Kate McKinnon as Warren into this proported news coverage? Zero credibility.

  4. How about 1) we demand full transparency from the federal government as to what they are spending the billionaires' tax money on, and 2) we get Nancy P and other political success stories to fully disclose how they became rich…? For a career politician to be 9referring to OTHER people as 'freeloaders' is just freakin' hilarious!

  5. Thank you Elon For your tenacity! We need somebody out there that will kick in the butt. And I thank you for the help.

  6. How much is she worth? How many people in the government owe back taxes and what percent do they pay? I'd like to be able to look that up.

  7. Seems to me like Warren is the free-loader. What good or service does she provide to the American taxpayer? Nothing!

  8. That reporter is one to talk about thin skin… her entire show is about deflecting deceit and on defense mode ! 👿

  9. So with this being said was she on Ron DeSantis side for making Disney pay now? Or was she against the governor?

  10. Her suggested policy of 6% of every dollar of net worth above $1bn would do nothing more than steal capital from someone who's helping workers, consumers and our survivability on Earth, and place it in the hands of people who excel at the opposite. Also Elon would just relocate.

  11. ** The Biden regime KNEW there was an Islamist bomber in the crowd at the Kabul Airport but did nothing. This cost 13 young American lives!

    ** The Islamist bomber was released from Bagram prison after Joe Biden abandoned the important US asset.

    ** Joe Biden declared open war on his political opposition.

    ** Joe Biden opened the border to 2 million illegal aliens this year!

    ** Joe Biden allowed tons of illegal drugs entry into the country via the open border causing over 100,000 annual deaths!

    ** Joe Biden pushed the US economy into recession in 18 short months.

    Republicans should be in GREAT SHAPE for the upcoming elections.

  12. Not hard to expose the Democrats these days, they operate at such a high level of narcissism that they pull crap in front of us now, smile, laugh and throw celebrations about how they got away with it.

  13. Liz Warren is worth 12 million. Since she believes in a 90% tax on the wealthy, maybe she give 90% of hers. That's roughly 10.8 million of her 12 million. Ready Liz? Annnnnd go… (crickets crickets)

  14. Imagine being so inbred that this video/channel doesn't seem like absolute fanboi circle-jerkery from someone high on bath salts? lol!

  15. A delusional, narcissistic multibillionaire doesn't give a damn about any of you, you who are willing to believe such propaganda directed at simpletons like you, who can't craft even one grammatically correct simple sentence, you who are Qanon members!

  16. If we ever hear the whole story, I'll be impressed. I've never believed in over taxation with little representation. It is a really big mess.

  17. "Bilgelerin izini kaybetmek, yaşamın izini kaybetmek gibidir." Yeryüzünün bilge insanlara ihtiyacı var.

  18. Welp, it’s the tax laws!! Y’all opted for this! Go to the government not the individual.
    Y’all need to be honest…. Why pay more if the law ain’t requiring it…..

  19. Elon is a good man. One who has done, and will continue to do, wonderful things here. I do not associate with many here but he is one worth knowing. Thank you for giving a different perspective than that of most mainstream media.

  20. Elon Musk get her. She does nothing for the people of MASSACHUSETTES. Talk about freeloading she is she freeloading off the tax payers which she and the rest of the Dirty Dems from Boston Mass is doing. He paid more in taxes then Elizabeth Warren has paid in 10 yrs. RIGHT ELIZAVETH WARREN

  21. Has Warren Paid Back the Native American Loan's when she went to college and Lied about being Native American, just to get FREE College ???