Elon Musk TRAPPED Into Buying Twitter After Whistleblower Has MINDBLOWING Claims!

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  1. Twitter not having any info security isn't surprising at all when you consider the history of these types of companies.

  2. sounds like a win win to me. either twitter gets destroyed, or musk is forced to take it over and fixes it. hell i may even create an account.

  3. Twitter is one platform I have never fucked with.. and I bailed on Facebook ages ago.. sometimes Instagram and YouTube.. which sucks cause I hate YouTube sometimes but.. it’s the only one I can just turn the screen off and listen to… best of all worlds

  4. So first they fought with tooths and nails to have him NOT to buy Twitter.
    Now they fights with tooths and nails to FORCE him to buy Twitter?

  5. Elon is at a wealth level where if he is forced to buy Twitter, he can simply FIRE everyone, sell off parts that are worth a few $ and shut this company down forever.

  6. I’m off social media, it’s your own fault what you give the communist. I be planning for when they try to take over. Because there’s no way in hell I’ll let them or the current people in power retain it.
    The fact they manipulate these companies for data instead of your safety says enough for me.

  7. Even if Elon Musk was going to buy Twitter, how is this a win for anyone in there? 🤣 I can imagine the argument going something like: "At least he'll lose money during the transaction! He can choke on the receipt"

  8. Multiple articles have come out from researchers about Twitters abnormally high bot count since the offer was made by Musk. I might have believed Twitter, but they have done a complete 180. They went from freaking out that Musk wanted to buy and being vehemently against it… to freaking out taking him to court to force him to buy it. What has happened in that time frame? Well bot counts were exposed, and they know people will keep digging and they don't want to be caught holding the bag at the end. They want Musk to buy it before they get officially exposed and advertisers realize they were cheated by paying an inflated rate for bot accounts to be advertised on. That's when the lawsuits happen. The shareholders and the board want to be long gone by then.

  9. It is PAST time people quit using Twitter. That platform is toxic, probably the worst on the internet. Aside from mishandling user data, they unjustly ban accounts for not having the right opinion, and then they call it "hate" even though it's not.

  10. I still don't understand the legalities and nuances of these types of deals. I want to learn more. Help me out…

    I don't understand how Musk can be "forced to purchase" Twitter. Force the Billion breakup fee, yes. That's clear, in the contract, should be imposed if he "loses". But forcing the buy I don't get.

    All contract allow a back-out. A cancellation. It comes with a fine/penalty (totally fair) but no contract I can think of forces a run to full completion.

  11. This just proves it’s time to wipe this tyrannical government OUT. Replace every political figure with people who QUALIFY for the job and not because of their race, sex, beliefs, or because they are a gender jumper (not real only mental illness)

  12. How does this trap Musk into buying Twitter? Doesn't this provide more proof that Twitter were misrepresenting themselves?

  13. Did you forget that you didn’t have a sponsor for this video and said that by habit or did you forget to put the sponsor ad in the video?

  14. I have considered leaving Twitter, but, while I'm building an audience for a business, I'm viewing it as a necessary evil.
    Long term, I'd like to move online traffic to a website, mailing list, discord server or all of the above.
    I'm just, for now, extremely cautious about what I say on Twitter. I'm not a political person, and I don't want to come across as such anyway.
    Honestly, I wonder if the Twitter side panel isn't carefully crafted to draw people with conservative leanings out to expose themselves as people with those views.

  15. When was it not? Like Salesforce, it's a leftist platform with more focus on agenda. Have you been to a Saleforce seminar? It's like a creepy cult.

  16. They are going to force him to buy it, jump ship, short the stock and release the information that its 65% bots crashing the platform..leaving Musk holding the bag. my theory

  17. Welcome to the US government, we don't uphold justice, we just shakedown any person/company with money to give us. Will the people see this money? No. Will we buy more property and invest into our insider trading? Yes.

  18. I hope they make him buy it and then he deletes TWITTER from EARTH. You and I know Elon has made money while waiting and can easily buy twitter. I hope he goes for the UBER CHAD MOMENT

  19. it's has been beyond confirmed that Elon was right in his bot claims, on top of that there are reports of foreign intelligence officers working at twatter
    Elon is more than right to renegotiate a the deal under a proper price