Elon Musk's Daughter EXPOSES Amber For Exploiting LGBTQ2+ Community!

Elon Musk Daughter EXPOSES Amber For Exploiting The LGTBTQ2+ Community!
After being destroyed by multiple other people, she has now become the target of Elon’s recently estranged transgender daughter, who publicly humiliated her for using the LGBTQ2+ community for her own needs.

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  1. Gross Elon. He talks about being on email and that’s all he needs from his kids. What about what they may need from their dad? He doesn’t see their perspective.

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  3. What a rubbish video he is simply in a club dancing like everyone else….and he's chilling with his kids he's a great dad they all look happy. This channel is such a click bait back page rumor tabloid

  4. She is a toxic human being! Toxic is putting it mildly. It’s time she gets her flappy fish smelling A$$ kicked off her cheap boxed wine! Wife’s of these CEOs need to LAWYER UP

  5. None cares about 💩Elon musk either there both sick here in this video he's talking about children he likes young girls people okay I am no fan of Elon musk at this point ever since Amber brought him to light I've investigated and he's dirty I had to wash my hands 50,000 times from just touching the screen 😵‍💫

  6. Amber 💩💩 is 100% to blame for the girl not wanting nothing to do with her dad because she did the same thing to Johnny kids. But if you have a true bond with your dad that would be hard to break