Wednesday LIVE: Inflation, Elon Musk Twitter Deal, Mike Lindell Phone Stolen by FBI (Superchats)

We Rebuild Kurdistan:,7589,-7239,0
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Ft. the bizarre differential treatment of presidential kids.

Inflation remains high:
Musk deal OKd by Twitter shareholders:
Lefties tickled pink at the persecution of Mike Lindell and others:
RCP precicts 2 GOP senate pickups net:

Stock market shudders:
The Hunter Biden scandal ain’t goin nowheres:
Lindsay Grahams’ abortion fixation:
The UN loves censorship:

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  1. Styx would rathe5hide behind the excuse of "fog of war" rather than educate himself about the Ukraine Russia conflict. Otherwise, he would know that early on, Ukraines tried suicide drones but they failed horribly cause the Russians jammed the GPS signal.

  2. The vast majority of abortions are done as birth control. How could it take someone more than 30 days, let alone 15 weeks, to decide whether they want the baby? There's no purpose for 99.5% of late term abortions.

  3. A 15 week limit on elective abortion would actually be a good law. Everybody knows that a 3rd term abortion is unequivocally baby murder. You can tell because its supporters will freak out if you tell them what it actually involves.

    But I agree that the establishment Reps are sabotaging the GOP, which is mostly maga.

  4. Your comment about Stelter licking Joe Biden's asshole clean, while picking out the bits of prunes and bran muffins, was god damn hilarious!!!! Laughed my ass off!!!

  5. To be clear there should be no abortion except if the baby is going to kill the mother. Stop killing babies because your to lazy to use a condom, both control, hell plan b or at worse adoption! There is so many options to choose not to kill a baby!

  6. this is the end of the movie. Biden has been bye bye since 2019 – this is the 2 nd stand in actor to play out the Cabals plan – which has been upended and dismantled. but we needed the slumbering to see for themselves. had to play it out.

  7. I can't do this anymore, I'm always having to FF through pixel planet talk which means I cant listen while working. Best of luck with your video game stuff, you're loosing subs.

  8. There were no anti war left in the 2000's stop claiming this crap.
    The left was just as much into the war as a neo-con repubs and
    neo-con dems.
    Seriously dude you are getting pretty arrogant these days and act
    like you know it all and are never wrong.
    The democrats were also never for the people as you often like to
    claim they never changed their true colors they have always been
    the party of racism and slavery and have always dipped their toes
    into communism.
    The democrats have always wanted to be the rulers of America period!!!

  9. Oh and to Clankistan in lebanon, I made the giant blue square yesterday so that if would be seen when you Zoom out. , good to see you all have come in and filled it in.

  10. Not only promoting fascism, but giving the right the excuse to actually go after them for the actual crimes and corruption they're a part of. The commies are going to pissed when the revolution they've been calling for, comes from a populist right wing party. A quiet radicalization is occurring under their watch, so I don't blame them for being as scared of MAGA as they are.