'He's Enemy Of The State Number ONE!' – Andrew Tate Reveals His True Thoughts On Elon Musk

Exclusive sit-down between Patrick Bet-David and Andrew Tate in Madrid, Spain. This was the first interview that has happened since Andrew Tate was banned off social media platforms. In this clip Andrew Tate gives his thoughts on Elon Musk.

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  1. Tate: write some fuckin books dude. Since the dawn on civilization books have been the hardest media to censor.

  2. As a stoic and a man of purpose, there’s no such thing as shameful work, and complimenting a man who serves you a basic need(food, driving, piloting, clothing, etc) does nothing but explain to that man simply that you understand his craft, and respect him for applying it to serve you.

    As I do with my craft to serve the next man.

    We are all servants in this life and any other. Men serve other men, women serve men, we all serve it’s the circle of life. But men DO NOT serve women.
    You start going down that path and you’ll forget you ever had a dick and balls to begin with

  3. I think the incels expect women to respect them for just nothing but he’s saying you need to show ambition you need to show you are doing something to try not just expect

  4. The way he spoke here, totally admirable. Thank you for those words. I look at things pretty much the same way in that topic! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Totally agree 💯 I don't always agree with all he says (Tate), normal, won't always be, but I've grown to admire his energy and gut to say what he believes without sugar coding things. Refreshing.

  5. If I have a chance I always tell the employees at any restaurant that the food was great and thanks. This is especially the case if you see the cooks. They deserve encouragement and praise for feeding us. It will not only ease their difficulties but motivate them to get better. Good on you Mr. Tate.

  6. I don’t like Elon Musk but I admire his perseverance. Calling him enemy of the state is OTT. I call jealousy.

  7. Sad how he was trying to think of anyone else like Elon who had it all but kept going and the next obvious person is President Trump who achieved the impossible… but he was to much of a coward to name him. Even with or without the caveat, if you love him or hate him, President Trump is that guy. This guy is a coward. Spineless. You could see fear grip him in that moment. While blowing himself he exposed himself as a coward and fraud. Nice…

  8. You see this a lot as a delivery driver, I delivered 20-30 pizzas for 3 nights in a row and I mean it when I say I didn't get 1 tip. Dominos only pays driver "reimbursement" and it's $1.40 per delivery. So when a driver doesn't get tipped and only gets $1.40 and then has to pay for gas. Your not making shit like me. So I quit that job after 2 years of grinding. I spent more in car repairs and gas than I ever had to keep.

  9. A liberal would look at a chef at a buffet and not even look twice at him or her and think the chef is beneath them.

  10. In this environment Tate sound amazing even tho he’s saying this in all his environments just hits different

  11. as he said people we need more of 'May weather' , not
    rather Mohamad Ali, man was more than an athlete, a good example of a better human, better muslim, better sportperson

  12. Really? The guy who went to space for a fraction of what Obama said it would cost? So then Twitter is good in it's current form too? People like this guy, everyone is the enemy to them, because he wishes he was Elon, likely. It's that simple. ✌️