My Tesla 2022 Q3 Forecast, Part 15: Share Count after Elon Musk’s Latest Stock Split and GAAP EPS

In part 15, I explain how to follow along with my Twitter forecast thread vs. this video review series and then discuss Tesla’s post 3:1 stock split share count and GAAP earnings per share.

Link to the Twitter forecast thread:



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  1. James, since you have written Twitter threads containing 69 tweets, obviously you need a new target: 420 tweets in a thread.

  2. You’re predicting a trailing Tesla six month Tesla stock price of $371? Am I reading that correctly? Sorry if I’m being dumb here, just wanted to make sure I’m looking at this right

  3. A friend of mine didn't understand why stock compensation shouldn't be counted as an expense. The best I could come up with to explain it was to imagine a company with no cash on hand or other liquid assets, $0 of free cash flow, and no ability to raise money in the short term via debt or equity raise. They've paid their employees' salaries at the end of the year but they don't have a single available penny left otherwise. The company can still give bonuses in stock because it doesn't actually cost the company anything. The value created to allow that compensation isn't coming from the company, it's coming directly from the owners in the form of diluting the value of their ownership stake.

  4. Thanks James. “Never good at math.” I don’t think I believe you. Regarding past quarterlyTesla earnings forecasts you’ve assembled, I can’t find the summary you presented. I’m walking a friend through some of your content. He’s impressed, of course. He’s curious of your past earnings estimates. I can’t find where I saw it. Help. Please? Also, I’d like to help support your channel. Is Patreon your preferred method?

  5. Thanks James, you’re inspiring me to build better models for my own TSLA forecasts and my own business.

  6. Twitter verses YouTube? I prefer YouTube. I think it’s far more personable and easier to follow. Also you could monetize YouTube if you so desired.

  7. Yes, social media makes us impatient. Part of that comes from listening to people speak in a way that pertains to nothing. Fuck Twitter. I'm not here for your tweets. I'm here for your insight.

  8. I cannot wait for the next part where you go through PEG ratio. Sad I know, but I like to see what a realistic stock price should be based on expected growth for the next few years.

  9. How many parts are there in this series? Don’t get me wrong, your analysis is very interesting. Cheers.

  10. James, doing this on Youtube is probably easier and harder all the same. The visual and your explainations of the charts are easier to digest than the twitter thread honestly. I like both. Do both…lol…more work for you!