Elon Musk warns Texas lawmakers are causing serious delays for Tesla!

Elon Musk warns Texas lawmakers are causing serious delays for Tesla!
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Elon Musk warns Texas lawmakers are causing serious delays for Tesla!
Although Tesla has received assistance from the Texas state government in the setup and running of the Giga Texas project. Besides the prohibition of selling a direct car, the top US manufacturer of electric vehicles is still dealing with a number of previously unheard-of difficulties in this state. So what serious problems is Tesla facing? Will this have any effect on Giga Texas output?
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The average electric vehicle uses about 3,000 chips, meaning EVs will need more than double the amount of what’s in a non-electric car. Giga Texas can produce 5000 EVs per week, so they need 15.000.000 chips. Tracks global vehicle production cuts due to the chip shortage increased its estimate of vehicles lost to the chip shortage to 3.3 million vehicles.
However, Tesla has remained ahead of the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, but it hasn’t been easy. Beyond securing additional suppliers and multiple chip options, Tesla had to rely on its software focus to make alternatives work, which is why the automaker has fared better than others during the shortage.
We were able to substitute alternative chips and then write the firmware in a matter of weeks. “It’s not just a matter of swapping out a chip, you also have to rewrite the software,” Elon Musk said.
The global chip shortage situation remains quite serious, so he said that for the rest of this year, Tesla’s growth rate will be determined by the slowest part of our supply chain.
Elon Musk warns Texas lawmakers are causing serious delays for Tesla!


  1. Aptera car gets 1,000 miles per charge and adds 40 miles a day from solar free if you live in a sunny area. You can get 100 miles a day free if you add and use the external solar pack! Many will never pay for electricity/fuel ever again!

  2. Much of the claims the narrator made seem to be speculation without basis in fact. The biggest seems to be that Tesla is getting into the chip making business. Samsung is developing a chip factory close to Austin and the Globitech he mentioned will be in Texas. So why would anyone want to build a multi-billion dollar chip factory when there will be two major chip makers right there, in Texas? It would be a big waste of money.

    Furthermore, he gave some numbers for Cybertrucks and Semi's, where the Semi is being made in GF Nevada, not yet in Texas, and the production of Cybertrucks has not yet started; maybe by later next year. I think there's a lot of speculation.

    And the videos show a lot of totally unrelated stuff, as if they really have no idea what's going on – or just padding the video to add time, but instead just confusing the viewer.

  3. Texas car dealers are suffering because their manufactures have not stepped up to the EV challenge like tesla has, GOVERNER ABBOTT AND ELON are on the same page when it comes to seeing problems and fixing them instead of blaming others. TEXAS is a leader in the petro industry and is now becoming a leader in the EV industry GO ABBOTT AND ELON!

  4. And here i was thinking that Tesla was already making their own chips. At least what's all the Musketeers are saying

  5. I think Tesla is awesome and can offer a huge amount of support to the Texas economy so I’m not sure why They want him not to expand