Elon Musk May Finally Partner With Apple…

Clip from Lew Later (Steve Jobs’ Daughter Throws Shade at The iPhone 14) –


  1. This seems like total BS. As someone who has worked at a company that was bought by Apple and another that partners with Apple, discussing any deals before they are official and or before the Apple marketing team can chose the exact wording to push to the press, the deal would be taken off the table immediately.

  2. Everything think they do it for innovation and safe the world. No no. Money. Money. Money is ultimate in business, and they do business, nothing personally. Just business. Win win for both sides.

  3. its the same thing what tmobile is doing with them. Its fro emergency contact. They even announced it at the apple event.

  4. Interesting, I wonder if they’ll make software for his space ships

    Like, ever seen a sci if movie where the space ships HUD looks like it is made by a graphic designer team, that’s future Apple lol

  5. FYI, Somebody’s saying they’re Lew and sent an email saying, i won a grand prize and to just DM them on the Telegram app. SCAM ALERT!

  6. If the two years goes as planned. I bet Apple will begin to cut away from service providers and run that there self and pay a lump sum to Starlink.
    As Google leans into their lineup I’m counting the time till they stop paying $15B to Apple to implement Chrome etc..
    The tech war hasn’t even begun to heat up!
    Apple… Buy my football team! Come on!! 😁

  7. If apple were smart.. implement satellite from starlink and then introduce PlayStation go and Xbox game pass… Make the phone more robust in terms of performance and have some good accessories for controllers and a decent battery life and apple will dominate the gaming market.

  8. Coolness- they have to coz' it's life or death. We remember what happened to tech journalist James Kim, a decade or more ago.

    God bless.

  9. I like Apple, but I agree with Lew here. The opening of that keynote was a bummer. They made a victim of a plane crash sit in a recreated plane crash so she could read her letter? Strange…

  10. Ok so if we get that starling access will “we” I mean hackers be able to hack the satellite a little easier?

  11. Apple just realizes partnering with any other company is much more expensive and less good service, and the gap will only get wider from here every year.

  12. If Apple make a satellite phone, I guarantee it's gonna have a crazy azz name. The new Isat Phone can be yours for the low price of $2000, but service is extra.

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