Joe Rogan backs up Elon Musk #shorts #jre #joerogan #elonmusk



  1. Time will tell if Elon has cut Twitter deep enough for the company to bleed out . Just using the guise of buying the company to expose their weaknesses. Which I believe is Nobel for many reasons

  2. So you'll believe a man that wants to replace everyone with ai, if you get your lead from a man and not Jesus your screwed!!

  3. Joe is a fucking moron lol. Also using the algorithm Elon used to refute twitters claim would mean his account would be viewed as a bot lmao what a scumbag

  4. Except elons argument is irrelevant. Firstly, he agreed to the contract with the knowledge there was a bot problem. Secondly, part of the contract was that he had checked himself. Now hes complaining that there are bots, which he already knew, and that twitter didnt give him good enough info after stating he had all the info he needed. He can hardly argue the scale makes it invalid after both buying twitter explicitly for this issue and affirming he knew precisely what he was getting himself into after independently verifying it.