Twitter one step closer to closing deal with Elon Musk

Sky News Business Reporter Edward Boyd says Twitter is one step closer to closing its deal with Elon Musk.

Overnight, Twitter’s shareholders voted in favour of selling off the social media company to Musk for $US44 billion.


  1. Never had a Twitter account before but I will if Musk owns it. It is too toxic and to many leftists commie scum on it.

  2. It's funny people thought this was dead because of some legal back and forth. It's not like buying a loaf of bread, it's $billion deals.

  3. But when this goes to court Twitter will be exposed for lying about the numbers of bot accounts. And the deal will be off or the price will have to drop dramatically.

  4. This Twitter deal don't matter anymore. Elon flopped back to the Dark Side. It will just be a left to left transfer and nothing will be fixed.

  5. All Twitter User should give musk the same answer we dont buy your cars for that price quality not good enought Software Problems and and and

  6. Twitter claims 5% of their audience are bots. This is most likley very false. I would estimate something like 25-40% are bots, mostly working for Western agencies like Atalntic Council, NATO, CIA. If this guy takes over Twitter, he should flush out that garbage

  7. Well all the info they didn't provide musk will Have to be provided in court apparently 😆😆😆 which means even less money paid to them to use his new building 😂😂😂

  8. Buy it Musk put us out of our misery and revamp the leftist cultural deranged woke mob , rid all dumb ass racial divisive personal who are against freedom and free speech Sack THE WOKE LEFTIST CEO BOSSES

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