Elon Musk#shorts


  1. It's like saying you're the best driver just cause you created your own car. I'm sure there is someone that can operate a tesla better than its creater. Or like saying weapon manufacturers are the best soilders. You create so that the operaters can make shit happen with it.

  2. What I'm getting from this is…. praise and reward stuff makers but fuck the people that operate and use your "stuff" to provide a service? 🤔

  3. If you don't make babies, there's no abortion.
    Fools don't make life or get pregnant no one
    to murder… get it, ladies.

  4. But the problem is that it’s not the ones making the stuff that make a profit most of the time they are working to survive. It’s the world companies that are getting rich . So where is the incentive to make stuff . Better to spend the time fighting the injustice so one profits from their own efforts

  5. No, this is dangerous. We need stuff. This could easily lead to starvation or a severe negative growth into devastation.

  6. Maybe it's about time we value craft of any sort higher in our society. Someone who gets to fart into his chair and do some formulas makes a shit ton of money. Not saying its not hard at all, but a carpenter let's say, works hard, uses his knowledge as well as his physical capabilities to create absolute necessary things for our everyday life everywhere we look and in the end some people would like to pay him even less than what he needs to keep going while he sacrifices his physical health. He will barely be able to work past 50, maybe if he's lucky and in a good shape.

    I also wish we would localize production more in the west to keep the money where it belongs, which is in the peoples pockets and homes. Production, traditional craft and art has declined rapidly the past decades because of the high demand for cheap products from Asia which is a shame.

  7. Pay good for stuff i will make you the stuff and teach others to do more! Pay less i will be not there also there will be no stuff!