Elon Musk Talks Space, Cars, and Video Games at E3 | NowThis

ELON MUSK AT E3: Elon Musk is in conversation with legendary game designer Todd Howard at the E3 gaming convention. They’re expected talk all things space, cars, and games.
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  1. Imagine the games Elon would be putting out if he put all the time and effort he’s put into the things he has into programming video games.

  2. When Elon Musk says he played Fallout 4, you would expect a new exo suit industry to emerge pretty soon. Flying Exo Suits! OH YEAH!

  3. Elon games a lot in his free time I guess.. Fo4 I still play in my short free times a lil a day to relax. on a note he didn't go to game development and got us space x n tesla instead. Especially space x.. That tech will revolutionize our space travel and also bring back our species sense of adventure and grandeur in the universe

  4. What's the problem this host has with his hands? Why the fkk he can't control his hands? It's sooo irritating! 😂😂

  5. When Andy Milonakis got up to ask the first question I decided Elon may be right about this simulation thing after all