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In the Werner Herzog documentary, ‘Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World,’ Elon Musk talks about the need to colonize Mars — and Herzog volunteers to go there. Used by Inverse with permission of ‘Lo And Behold: Reveries Of The Connected World.’ Get more at


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  1. …uhh… you first! … there is something to be paid attention to here. Listen to his words without giving them meaning. Listen to concisely what he is communicating especially at the end. You'd be a fool to believe what he wants you to believe… "they'd like to think they could come back"

  2. Warner Herzog: "Long live Terra Prime."

    Musk: "You do understand that efforts to reduce human population on this planet are already underway. These nut jobs are just getting started. I'm outta here!"

  3. He can't just build cities on Mars, we don't understand the weather there or or the geology and the ground to build on. We don't know if it's hollow cavernous underground that's storing water.

    Our best bet would be to find hollow parts of the planet large cave structures to live underground which would offer protection and less building.

    It would be impossible to take materials there to build for tens of thousands of people let alone a million that he wants.

    If we could build a space tether or elevator we would have a better chance at Moon and Mars colonization

    And we will never terraform Mars because the core is dead and not producing an electromagnetic field around the planet.

    Each year 12% of Mars atmosphere is stripped away by the sun and solar winds

  4. If this narcissistic loon bag has a way to clean up the toxic levels of ionizing xenon radiation then he should pull that little miracle out of his ass and implement that solution in Fukushima. This idiot doesn't seem to be able to read or understand what the actual conditions are there. It's blindingly radioactive and uninhabitable, just like the moon. Every time he opens his face and starts spewing out his crack pipe fantasy about building a Mars colony I just want to slap him.

    Watch this (and every version of this lecture you can find). NASA is lying to the public. The reason we can't live or build on Mars and the Moon is that we do not have any technology that will mitigate the radiation.

    As I said above, he needs to stop spewing his nonsense.

    As I said above, if he can clean ionizing radiation out of the air and water he should PROVE IT at Fukushima. Then explain how he's going to make glass domes without oxygen. Mars isn't oxygen free either, it's like being on top of Everest.

    He needs to close his face and stop spewing out ignorant nonsense.

  5. Populate the ocean floor first.
    Saying that we have seen no sign of extraterrestrial life is completely bogus and misleading there has been lots and lots of signs.

  6. I can’t believe they leave out the very next scene where the scientist completely contradicts him and says it’s a dumb idea

  7. I can't wait to see Werner Herzog's new movie. This Elon Musk character through is so weird for me. He made a lot of money on something, Pay Pal, I guess, and that is lucky for him, but for us, society, we get the moguls random chance brings to us. Musk seems great about the Tesla car, that is a great effort, but this thing with Mars I am not sure I really get.

    Now … if we could move everyone to Mars for a few centuries and live there, running off nuclear power and "terror-forming" that planet and give the Earth some time to recoer from hundreds of years of abuse by humans … I could get behind that, but why would we want to diverge humans into Martians and Earthlings. Every time we diverge we create hatred and war. We are evolved to live on planet Earth, and there is nothing Earthlike on Mars. It would be a great artificial world, but for me the priority would be to save the Earth. And this is actually an about-face for me, in the 70's I was all for terra-forming and L5 Space Colonies. Now I do not think it is so great that I know some more about what the realities would be.

    Anyway … very much looking forward to the movie.