IT HAPPENED! Tesla engineer Steals Data, Warning Elon Musk to face serious problems!

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IT HAPPENED! Tesla engineer Steals Data, Warning Elon Musk to face serious problems!
Tobias Lindh

Tesla is known as the recruiter of the world’s best-class engineers to work for him because they have a great recruitment strategy and outstanding salaries for its engineers.
However, Tesla recently had a severe problem with its engineers.
So what problems did they have?
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Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an engineer who Tesla claims stole trade secrets related to its Dojo supercomputer project.
It’s the latest in a series of lawsuits that Tesla has filed against former employees who have participated in stealing important information.
He was hired in January to work on Dojo, the supercomputer Tesla is building to train its self-driving software. Tesla gathers vast quantities of real-world camera data through its customers’ vehicles. Dojo will use this data to train the neural networks that power Autopilot, Tesla’s self-driving software.
Tesla says it caught him transferring confidential details about Project Dojo from Tesla’s network to a personal computer. The company put him on administrative leave in April.

When confronted, the engineer reportedly admitted to taking confidential information and promised to bring his laptop in for inspection by Tesla’s security personnel.
But according to Tesla, he didn’t bring in a laptop he had been using regularly in the preceding weeks. Instead, he brought in a “dummy” laptop that had barely been used since 2020.

Tesla alleges that he logged in to the laptop only once in 2022: on the morning, he brought it in. He allegedly seeded it with innocuous Tesla documents to make it look like he hadn’t stolen Tesla’s secrets.

But he was in a bizarre situation where he couldn’t defend himself as Tesla moved the case to arbitration.
Tesla has a clause in its employment contract that requires employees to settle workplace disputes by arbitration, an out-of-court method that relies on third-party decision-makers instead of courts.
IT HAPPENED! Tesla engineer Steals Data, Warning Elon Musk to face serious problems!
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  1. Tesla need to put into practice as simple but effective way of stopping employees from stealing if they agree to work for Tesla they will agree to have a chip placed in their brain and if any information is divulged they will not only have a record of it but if suing the employee isn’t severe enough punishment the chip will release the drug versa into their brain erasing their entire memory while they were working for Tesla.

  2. A guy with a net worth of over 270 Billion is suing people left and right to make sure nobody else get some of the wealth he's hoarded. Sounds like the definintion of greed.

  3. Elon has the money and contacts to make that idiot disappear … permanently. I seriously doubt anyone would miss them.

  4. Wow, lol. What is this? A meeting of musk's worshipers? Comments arebhillarious. Will you apply for musk's pretorians? Corporate serfs.

  5. WW2 Allie Russia stole the atom bomb secret, I think it was given to them by democrats and the Lucy spy ring is a cover story. B29 bombers we're also gifted to Stalin's Russia, and before long the communist were manufacturing exact copies of the B29, personally I believe they were given all the fixturing, molds and everything we used, it makes much more sense. Today's unions hate Tesla, I hate today's unions, and yesterday's. The UAW is completely threatened by Tesla, go get em Elon, unions are the fountainhead of communism on America, they will destroy us for their masters sake. China may also have threatened the lives of Tesla's engineer's grandchildren, money won't always work.

  6. Better for Elon Musk to create a Humanroid Robot Engr. that are incharge of all secreat code of all delicate & ultra sensitive info.platform or data about his
    New Found formula for creating & upgrading the unlimited highway of A.I.
    Trust no One.

  7. Elon Musk needs to get approval to use Neuralink ASAP because it would prove invaluable in places for his engineers who are in sensitive positions

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  9. The ramifications of corporate theft by employees is far greater than people may at first realise. The penalties should be more severe – maybe even prison, if nothing else to discourage others from this disruptive crime.

  10. Clickbait crap. First, you have a picture of Elon and the words "I'm stealing". Nothing here to even address the clickbait picture. Next you give a fairly decent portion about one engineer stealing, but with many details left out. The engineer was NOT Elon. Next part of your clickbait title says Tesla is in serious trouble. No info on that either. You suck.

  11. I'm wondering, if this all comes to fruition and the reduction of traffic accidents and fatalities are achieved with the use of this new tech, will it have any effect on lowering the auto-insurance rates that many of us have to pay?

    I've been told or lead to believe that the price of these present day auto-insurance rates is due to the factoring in of uninsured or underinsured motorists. I call Bull$h!+ on this. To me it's just greed bolstered with plausible deniability.

    If this new tech will indeed mitigate much of what we see in the way of traffic accidents and deaths, is Tesla or anyone else lobbying the powers that be for some relief on the insurance side of all of this?

    I'm sure this new Tesla tech won't be free so, whatever amount of financial relief we might get on the auto-insurance side may be eaten up or inconsequential compared to the cost of the use of the tech.

  12. ok I'm sorry but I must call you out on the stupidity of editing in the sound of a gas powered car pulling threw the rpm range when ever you show a Tesla driving threw out your videos, please take a test drive if you must but even muted this is silly, if my car made that noise I'd send it back to the dealer immediately

  13. Bad for Elon but good for the world ? What do you think people ?
    It creates more competition, making EV's cheaper. Id buy a Tesla replica for half the price of the original, as would anyone (fanboys not included) .

    Remember Elon's dream , stop pollution & make driving safe, a replica Tesla with a cheap stereo can do that.

  14. Elon needs a black op crew and an off site facility to hold these criminals vs fighting industrial espionage. We are talking tech w a monetary value hard to quantify and should be held tightly

  15. you'll find a good amount of people are as honest as their environment keeps them. the most honest person can sometimes still fall into a corruptible state due to some gain they can get. money, company morale, retaliation, out side threats. any number of things can cause an honest person to drift.

    cooperate spies can be hired in that way. usually though its just a basic worker, in what ever mind state, with another business flashing big bills.
    survival of the fittest has a way of blurring the lines for some folks its sad to say.

  16. Whats the deal with the german, russian and arab porn thingies in the comment section. They cant even spell pretty . I bet they human traffickers and need to be investigated.

  17. Doesn't matter what organisation your involved with online, your data is not secure, whether by someone from inside the organisation stealing it, or by a hacker. Play at your own risk.

  18. No matter how good the employer is, there are always a certain percentage of very stupid, lying, cheating, stealing employees.