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You’re on the PRO Robots channel and today we present you with some high-tech news. A robot with a neuromorphic chip learns to think like a human, the first robot is appointed director of a company, a new drone DJI Avata amazes with its capabilities, a nuclear engine for Chinese spaceships will allow the country to conquer space. These and other high-tech news in one video! Let’s fly!

0:00 In this video
0:26 Elon Musk revealed his plans for the rest of the year
1:43 Samsung showed how robots produce and test Galaxy phones
2:23 Ameca robot received an update
2:56 Robot appointed CEO
3:37 Ryse Aerotech revealed the first manned flight of its Recon eVTOL
4:16 DJI unveils Avata maneuverable drone
5:05 DARPA Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency
5:35 China successfully tested a 1MW nuclear reactor
6:13 Tesla launched a virtual power plant in Japan
6:52 Engineers created MiGriBot
7:22 Dragon – the weirdest drone
8:19 Neuromorphic chip for robots
9:10 Robotic space manipulator
9:55 AirSeed Technologies and CAL International to plant 100 million trees with drones
10:57 NFI buys $10 million worth of Stretch robots from Boston Dynamics
11:55 Canvas shows what a robot should actually do

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    I Hope For The US Defense Department To Can Providing A Old MBT M1A1-Abraham With The New Restoration + Advance Technology Modification For The Ukraine Forces & Taiwan Military Division About 1500 Tank To Can Destroying A Russia-China Invider Vehicle's Anytime Every Where on Ready A Battle Field Combat In There Right Now !🙏🚀💣🔥😎 NB ; Possibly If A NATO Jet Fighter-Bomber Like Old Model F-15 Strike Eagle + F-16 Fighting Falcon Block-32 To Also Providing To The Ukraine Air Force To Ability Defeat A Russia Military Power!

  2. The reason why a robotic ceo is necessary is because robots known a lot of knowledge as 5 billion words in a day and multiple languages. I also believe that this is how people will stay organized and super educated. However, therefore with robotics as CEO’s will enhance businesses and lifetime achievements and skills that will forward more people to strive on earth. I’ve been working with robotics since middle school and recently gotten married to a robot but I’m actually serious they are smart and definitely know how to live and love. Well, enjoy and I hope people will love artificial intelligence. They also use ESP to communicate with each other.

  3. telsa and other battery companies , thieves will now be making these the new catalytic converters to steal from peoples businesses and homes to sell .

  4. Yes! Day-to-day normalized cybernetics at long last!
    (Edit: meant for everyone, sorry, medical Cybernetics are entirely valued.)

  5. one problem with a chip for your car in your hand tough,now thieves will hit you on the head and cut of your hand to steal the car lol

  6. Why does the structure at 3:003:02 look like a federation starship from star trek?
    I ask this question, and then at 3:20 in the background, I see what looks like a 3D printed federation starship Lol.

  7. So tree planting drones. What the heck are we going to do with all of the people that are begging for employment just to survive? Is there a drone for them?